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Great Spectacles In Venice: Make Venice vacations An Enjoyable Experience

A Venice vacation is nothing if not steeped in tradition. In fact, ever since the city has become a popular tourist attraction where visitors probably outnumber natives by a factor of ten, the traditions have become more pronounced, more colorful, and more enjoyable and yes, more orthodox. Let us see a few of the major tourist attractions in Venice that you can enjoy during your Venice vacations.

Marriage to the Sea

On Ascension Day every year, the city recreates its marriage to the sea to emphasize the fact that the city is indeed totally dependent on the sea. The Doge is taken to S. Nicolu del Lido in his traditional boat. There is a great colorful parade of ships, boats and gondolas of all sizes escorting him, and with great pomp and gaiety he throws a wedding ring in to the middle of the lagoon. The show carries on for quite some time and is followed by enthusiastic races among gondola drivers. This is a must see in your itinerary during the Venice vacation.


The carnival in Venice, Italy has a flavor unparalleled anywhere else. For ten days. Venice is a hotbed of activities and locals and tourists alike take part in the dancing and entertainment with great gusto. St Marks Square is the hub of main activities but fortunately, the carnival is celebrated all over town in a large number of dancing halls and the crowds are somewhat distributed. The carnival is one of the most important tourist attractions in Venice and you should plan your Venice vacations accordingly. The masks are a must have for the carnival and the very notion of being masked gives a certain abandon to the proceedings. Carnival or not, every tourist is bound to carry a mask or two back home.

The Historic Regatta

If the city has a hundred and fifty waterways and canals, can a boat race be far behind? Every year, the regatta of hundreds of boats speeding past thousands of tourists enjoying their Venice vacations and locals, all loudly cheering whichever boat takes their fancy, is a major spectacle. There is not just one regatta alone. Although part of one event, there are races for champions, the gondolini, for women, the mascarete and for the young, the pupparini. Huge crowds, loud cheering and colorful stands are the highlight to a fun and frolic filled day!

The Festival of the Redeemer

If you look at Venice history, In 1576, a plague hit Venice. Legend has it that it was brought into the city by rats carried on a ship from the Orient. Thousands died till finally, the plague was contained in 1630! The celebrations continue to this day and are held on the third Sunday of July. All monuments are lighted up and a beautiful fireworks display lights up the entire lagoon far into the night.

No matter which season you select for your Venice vacations, there is bound to be something spectacular to attract. After all, Venice is not a historical odyssey for nothing.

Venice Italy is surely going to spellbound you with a number of major monuments in Venice and festivities all year around. Consider the Venice festival calendar, while planning your Venice vacations. VeniceVacations.Net offers all information about enjoying your holiday in Venice.