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GUIDES Part 4 Dream Guides

If you have recurring dreams or meditations of a particular guide ask why the guide has come. What lesson are you to learn and how are you to use the particular information that is being presented to you. Many times you may not understand the message or the messenger’s intent. But if you continue seeking the answer with patience the guide will begin to explain when you are ready and open to the new information.

You may have a sleepless period or intense, vivid dreams about many different things that includes the guide or something that the guide is giving you.
Often times a guide arrives before you are expected to use the information, but begins preparing your energy and mind to receive the new information. This is done through an awareness of a transition. You may feel restless, or anxious as you go about your day.

A guide comes to bring you or prepare you for information. It is received when you are ready and when you reach full understanding. The way to process information is to ask yourself if these images may mean something to you and if it is symbolic or more concrete.

If you are patient with the information you will begin to see a theme or some of the images will begin to have meaning for you. There is always an answer, we just don’t always hear it, or we don’t trust that is the only answer that we are going to receive. Many times information comes years before you can actually understand it or can use it. But when the energy and your spirit progress enough it will open like a door that has been locked for a very long time.

I believe many times in the past we have worked with guides who specifically teach us or prepare us in our dreams. Dreams are also a time when we are uninhibited and free of our physical bodies. We can receive a lot of information in a relatively short period of time, since in dreams, times can be greatly distorted. We can leave many moments in great detail once we enter a dream state. Over a period of several days we can acquire a tremendous amount of information for our learning. It becomes a matter of deciphering the stack of gems that arrive each night by dream messengers. Many times we have to read between the lines. But if we keep at it our guide, brings the important details to our attention. copyright 2006 Yoga Kat

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