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Haines Hunter Oneowners

Haines Hunter has been a well respected name in the Australian boating industry for many years now. They make a wide range of boats for both family cruising and fishing. They are renowned for their quality and innovative design. Even now as early models are getting on in years, the quality of manufacture still shines through. If you are in the market for a good quality used cruiser or fishing boat, then a oneowner from the Haines Hunter range will easily meet most requirements.

The Haines Hunter Breeze offers versatile affordable boating for families. The Breeze is available in seven sizes from 4.62 metres to 6.4 metres. These boats provide a versatile option for young families wanting to get into boating. Whether you want to do some fishing in the harbour or cruise up the rivers, the Haines Hunter Breeze range will suit your needs. Brand new, these boats are available with a number of different options, so if you’re in the market for a good used boat, bear in mind that there may be differences in appointments from boat to boat. It will pay to inspect a number of boats before making any final decision.

The Patriot range of Haines Hunters caters for the fisherman. You can easily walk right around the boat and there is easy access to the bow. The Patriot range is available in 650, 680 and 800 size models. These boats are all deep sea worthy and you’ll feel comfortable getting out through the heads and into the open water. They have plenty of room both in the cabin and on the deck and are ready for some serious sports fishing.

If you’re in the market for a good sized family boat that is also suitable for dropping a line over the side, then you might want to check out some boats in the Classic range. The Classic range is perfect for a spot of fishing with the family over the weekend. There’s plenty of room in the cabin for overnight stays, making it a versatile family boat. The Classic is available in four models: the 530, 580, 600 and the 650.

If you want a boat for some serious family cruising, then the Horizon range offers luxury weekend boating. These boats are perfect for spending weekends on a secluded part of the river or lake, or anchored in the harbour when you want to be seen. These boats have luxury appointments with all the instruments and navigational aids you’ll need for safe family boating. The hull provides a soft ride which will be sure to keep your friends and family happy out on the water.

Haines Hunters are a popular choice in Australia, and have been for many years, so it should not be too hard finding a good quality boat that is right for you.

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