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Healers in The Kingdom of Swaziland

The flag is rectangular, and its colours are red, blue and yellow. Each of these colours has a meaning. Red, Stands for the battles of the past. Blue, Stands for peace and stability. Yellow, stands for the resources. The flag also has a picture shield and spear. These two symbols stand for protection of our country from enemies. The shield is black and white to show that black and white people live together peacefully in Swaziland.

Traditional healers in the Kingdom of Swaziland are regarded as physicians, prophets, priests, herbalists and diviners which place a great responsibility upon them. Approximately 80 percent of the Swazi Nation consults them and there are both male and female traditional healers.

As you travel through the country, you will discover, as others have, that Swaziland has a quaint offering of diverse vegetation at every turn, which one would probably expect from a larger country.

Present day Swaziland is borne out of an ancient dynasty of royal leadership. This is reflected in the status accorded to the King and Queen Mother, in a unique dual monarchy.

Swaziland is to learn more about this unique destination in order to successfully market it to North American clients who would prefer a wonderful trip to a lesser visited African country. It should be noted that tourism in Swaziland is a major foreign exchange earner.

Bird watching can be one of the quieter and more relaxing outdoor activities. However, birders who are keen rarity-seekers will travel long distances to see a new species to add to the list of birds they have personally observed.
Early morning is typically the busiest time of the day for birding since many birds are then at their hungriest, searching most actively for food, and thus are easier to find and observe. Success in locating the more interesting species typically requires detailed knowledge of their appearance, sounds, behaviour, and most likely habitat, in addition to good measures of stealth and patience.

Swaziland s game and nature reserves are highly recommended for Big Five game viewing. Visitors have access to game viewing vehicles, and are free to roam the area on well marked guided or self guided trails.

This Golf club is the latest addition to the golf courses in Swaziland. A unique 9 hole bushed course that is built in the Usuthu River and forms part of a new residential golf estate. The finishing hole is a Par 3 played over the river to a large green. The club offers a full restaurant and bar facilities.

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