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Heart Palpitations and What They Mean in TCM

Heart Palpitations can be scary. A heart Palpitation is when your heart starts beating faster than usual. It can last for a few minutes to even hours on and off. Palpitations are not from running or getting upset. That’s normal. Heart Palpitations are when you are just sitting there and it starts happening.Or it wakes you up at night with it.

If you are having Palpitations it’s important to see a medical Dr. to make sure that your heart is not at risk. These Highly effective Home Remedies are not in the place of medical care. They are great for when your Dr. tells that your heart is fine.

Another serious medical cause of Palpitations is Hyperthyroidism. That’s when your thyroid gland starts speeding up. Your Thyroid is a gland,located in the middle of your throat. It regulates Metabolism. Sometimes if your Thyroid starts running too fast, it can effect your heart rate.

Graves Disease is another Hyperactive Thyroid condition that can cause palpitations.

While it’s Crucial to seek medical aid to rule out these serious conditions, the following herbs can Really help to calm palpitations. That’s REGARDLESS of what is the cause. They are very helpful , along with conventional medication to calm and strengthen the heart, and regulate heartbeat. A nice bonus with this formula is that it is very emotionally calming, even mood boosting.

DanShen(Salvia Militorrhiza-Chinese Red Sage) BaiZiRen(Biota Seeds)
SuoZaoRen(Zysiphus Seeds)
HeHuanPi(Albizia Bark)
You can sip it all day as lemonade- or make a tincture out of it!.

A Western Herb that really helps smooth Heart palpitation is Motherwort(Leonorus Cardiacus). It’s also a great mood elevator.
For a good mood with no Heart Palpitations: Take 20-30 drops 3 X day of Motherwort tincture.

Another concept in TCM is that dehydration can also cause Heart Palpitations. A simplistic way of understanding this is that when you are dehydrated, the water content in your whole body is less than adequate. This can affect over all blood volume. That refers to the water content in the blood.

TCM looks at this like a drying up of the blood, as it were. It’s actually true in western terms as well. On a blood test this will often show up as, ironically a high hemaglobin. This is a measurement of the iron in the blood, which is only found in the reds blood cells. It’s becoming more concentrated because the water in the blood is less. Blood should be two parts red blood cells to three parts water.
All this means is that there is less blood circulating in the body. TCM looks at this as a reason for palpitations in the otherwise normal heart as an attempt to get more blood. The heart says
-“I’ll go faster, and thereby get more blood”.
But, there’s no getting around it palpitations are very scary and uncomfortable.

Of course, if palpitations occur, check with your Dr. as soon as possible. If all tests come out perfectly normal, then try some of the herbs suggersted if you want. Or at least make sure you are drinking enough.

Aliza Adar LevineRNMH is a Nurse,Midwife,TCM Herbalist,and Medical Researcher for over 20 years. Learn how to make your own herb tinctures absolutely Free at Learn about herbs at