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Home Remedies For Wart Removal

There are many different home remedies for wart removable and here are some of the more imaginative ones that I have been able to find. Good old apple cider vinegar, which is used for a host of remedies, is also a reputed use for wart removal. Just soak a cotton ball in vinegar and hold it in place with a bandaid. With a few treatments the wart should be gone. There is a variation of this remedy that uses vinegar and baking soda. Duct tape or even scotch tape is also known to get rid of warts. Just put some directly over the wart and the wart should be gone in a week or two.

Some people claim that raw cabbage juice or cabbage added to the diet will cure warts. Why this works is not known but it is harmless and worth a try. Another vegetable that supposedly works is raw un-skinned potatoe. This time you cut the ends off the potatoes and rub them on the wart for five minutes or so. Repeat twice a day for a week. Another food remedy is to file the wart down as far as possible then cover in a raw steak. I don’t recommend eating the steak after!

Garlic, which is used for many home remedies, is also reputedly a cure for warts. Just crush and apply to the wart twice a day. Variations on this theme is to apply duct tape over the crushed garlic.
Some people claim that liquid kelp (which can be bought at the health food store) and applied before bed will kill warts.

Another unusual remedy is to uses banana peel to cover the wart, held in place by tape. Leave on until the peel turn black and the wart should be gone.

Witch hazel, which can be bought in any pharmacy, is also worth trying. Some people have had success taking alfalfa pills. Other, desperate for a cure people, have put toothpaste on their warts with success. Some have used castor oil to cure their warts.

From personal experience, I recommend tea tree oil. When my daughter was small she had a cluster of warts on the soles of her feet. After visiting a dermatologist and buying prescription creams which failed to work, I decided to put tea tree oil to the test and the results were remarkable. After just two or three applications of tea tree oil, the warts just faded away, never to return.

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