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Home Remedies For Zits

Eliminating zits is the most sought after treatment among the younger generation. Zit is a common and chronic skin inflammatory condition. Zits are usually found on the skin of the face, neck, chest and shoulders. Nearly six out of ten young people between the ages of twelve and twenty-four have from some zits. Zit causes a great deal of embarrassment at an age when people tend to be sensitive about their personal appearance.

Home remedy for Pimples using Orange peel
Homemade zit Treatment using Orange peel has been found very effective. Pound the orange peel with water on a piece stone and apply to acne affected areas.

Home remedies for Acne using Lemon
A simple remedy at home for acne: Lemon juice applied regularly has proved very beneficial in reducing zits and acne.

Home pimple treatment using Garlic
Garlic has been used successfully to cure acne. Rub with raw garlic several times a day. Garlic is known to have cured the toughest of acne problem. The external use of garlic helps to clear the skin of spots, pimples and boils. Acne can further be cured by eating three seeds of raw garlic once daily for a month. This purifies the blood stream and ensures basic cleansing of blood keeping acne away.

Zit treatment using Coriander and Mint Juice
A teaspoon of coriander juice, mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder, is another effective home remedy for pimples and blackheads. The mixture should be applied to the face after thoroughly washing it every night before retiring. Mint juice can be used in a similar manner as coriander juice.

Pimple treatment using Cucumber
Grated cucumber applied over the face, eyes, and neck for fifteen to twenty minutes has been found effective. It is the best tonic for the skin of the face. Its regular use prevents pimples and blackheads.

Kevin Pederson has been managing a number of natural home remedies websites which have information on home based natural cures and remedies for zits, a very common problem for teens and is very much feared upon by all.