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How A Fool Idea Doubled My Productivity

Sometimes just one good idea can revolutionize your life. Other times it’s a combination of good ideas that propels you to new heights of happiness and achievement.

A year or two ago I discovered a powerful procrastination busting concept. My only problem was that I forgot to use it.

About a week ago, I remembered how great this idea was and started using it on the spot. Then as I worked with it, I added some new twists of my own so that I could use it for additional activities throughout my entire day.

Since using this idea I’ve been on fire with excitement for life and I’ve been getting lots of things done that I was putting off before. Life is really exciting when you can’t wait to work on your next project.

The essence of this magic idea is that the best way to beat procrastination is to simply get started. Even if it’s only for a brief time.

** The Two Minute Drill **

Whatever it is you’re procrastinating on, simply promise yourself to do just two minutes worth of this activity per day. Even if it’s a really big project. To some this might indeed seem like a fool idea, but they probably haven’t tried it.

All you need to spend is a measly two minutes of your time to get good value for many activities. For instance, you can get an incredible workout if you just did sprints for two minutes. In fact, two straight minutes would be way too much for even the fittest athlete.

However, you could do a 2-minute sprint ‘workout’. You could sprint for 15 seconds and rest for 45 seconds. Do that twice and you got yourself a quick, powerful and fat burning workout.

The key to all of this is that sometimes the hardest thing to do is to get started. There’s a psychological barrier to starting a big project. So if you find an easy way to start something you often find that you’ll continue for longer than the initial 2-minute time period.

Give this magic idea the Two Minute Drill a try in your life. Why not dedicate two minutes per day to reading a book that can improve your life. Or commit two minutes per day to doing a spiritual exercise or meditation.

Here are a few more possibilities for your Two Minute Drill:

* Clean Your Desk
* Clean The Trunk In Your Car
* Clean Anything
* Brainstorm Article Ideas
* Do Chin-ups or Push-ups
* Send that email you’ve been putting off
* Or anything you’ve been procrastinating on

Use this idea and you’ll be getting a lot more done and you’ll feel great because you’re so much more productive.

Some of those two-minute activities might turn into a half hour to over an hour of work. The key was to just get started. And some of them will only be for two minutes and that is fine as well.

How do you think I got started writing this article? I didn’t want to write because it was getting late at night, I was tired and I wasn’t in the mood. But I just told myself to work on it for at least two minutes. I ended up doing the whole rough draft instead.

Once I remembered to use the Two Minute Drill I asked myself some Magic Questions as to how I could make this idea even better and use it all the time. And I’ve added several distinctions which will help you to take full advantage of this idea all throughout your day.

I’m so much more productive and happy since using the Two Minute Drill. When you get things done that are important to you, it feels fantastic.

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