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How Teasing Women Can Make You More Attractive

Being a nice guy usually doesn’t get you too far with women. I’m sure this is nothing you have not heard before. Women tend to feel that nice guys are sweet but also boring and unchallenging. They may tell all their friends about how nice you are, but unfortunately leave out anything about being attracted to you.

Of course, I am not suggesting you turn off all nice guy attributes and become an arrogant asshole. That will surely not get you far either. You may find yourself the topic of conversation, but not in a positive way.

The secret is to introduce humor into your conversations with women. A great way to do this and effectively build the attraction is to go with “cocky and funny.” You need to give the impression of a little cockiness yet mixed in with some good humor.

The best method is to tease her throughout the conversation but do with in a friendly manner. Generally, as odd as this may sound, you should treat her like you would a bratty little sister especially when you are first meeting her.

Many men are not quite clear on the importance of humor when meeting women. They wonder why they need to use it, why it really is so important and how to do it in a way that will actually help them attract women. Over-used, two-line jokes is not what I am talking about.

Remember, being cocky and funny during the discussion will project the attitude you need. And, it is all about attitude. Women are attracted to interesting, challenging and confident men and being funny is directly correlated to this attitude.

Additionally, introducing your humorous side will make the conversation more enjoyable and she will have fun being around you. Logically, the more fun she has when she is with you the more she will want to be around you again.

Now, you may think that this all sounds rather counterproductive. You may be asking why you would want to make fun of a woman you want to pick-up. Let me explain why teasing is really such an effective way to make you more attractive to her.

First, she can see that you have a sense of humor and enhance a conversation. She will not feel pressured to “carry the conversation” or make it interesting. It will also help her relax and bit, as it will be easier to avoid those awkward silent moments.

Secondly, you are avoiding the nice-guy syndrome by suggesting that you are consumed with pleasing her. The last thing you want to do is give the impression that you are focused solely on making her like you and will do whatever it takes.

Finally, projecting a good combination of cocky and funny reverses the roles and makes her work for your affection. She will not be able to figure out 100% if you are interested, and will take that as somewhat of a challenge. This is important at this stage of attraction because it, in and of itself, will help build attraction.

On a practical note, making fun of a woman includes such things as calling her out on comments she makes. Or, bring in a few sexual innuendos into the conversation. Tell a humorous, sex-related story or even use some of her comments and twist them into sexual innuendos.

I must mention before moving on that introducing sexual innuendos into the conversation is a great way to build some sexual tension. There is “attraction” and then there is “sexual tension.” Aim for both if you can!

Ultimately, going with the cocky and funny approach helps create a situation in which she is not sure if you are into her. She will begin to subconsciously view you as a challenge and want to work for your attention.

By brining humor into the conversation, she will view you as an interesting person worth the effort on her part. In the end, you have created the best situation to help you progress to the next level.

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