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How to Be Fearless

What is fear?

When we were studying emotional imbalances in school, my professor, said fear is an acronym called F.E.A.R. It means a False Estimation Appearing as Real.

We project into the environment our feeling of insecurity and see in it dangers to our well-being. Yet the reality out there has too many variables for us to predict it. Thus, all our anticipations are based on our insecurity, rather than a sudden clairvoyance.

With the proper mindset, determination, and will power, you can conquer your fear.

Everyone has some sort of fear. It is brought about by past traumas, the influence of other fearful people, and our own critical and hypersensitive view of things.

Although, fear is only in our mind, it does appear real to us. How do we break free from it? How long must you remain a hostage to it?

Is there a practical way to release it?

There is a single practical-and unpleasant step-you can take with any fear-and that is to face it.

Again, you have two choices, here.

You can run a mental simulation of the fearful event in your mind until it no longer has any charge. In these simulations, see yourself handling the fear with a sense of courage.

For example, if you have a fear of spiders, you can imagine that you have many friendly spiders as your pets, or that you rescue spiders from getting drowned in rain gutters, etc. In other words, you take on a very positive picture.

Or, you can also actually go through the event physically, and see how your fears are, in fact, in your mind, and not out there.

For example, if you are afraid of public speaking, you can arrange to join a speaker’s club and work it out in a public setting.

This is how you face your fears head-on and eliminate them.

Your fears can also be more subtle and pervasive.

What about something more subtle?

You may, for example, want to become a published writer, but you don’t know if you can handle the pressure or the rejection from editors, and so on.

Again, doing it, either mentally or even physically will show you that most editors are actually very human; and, in fact, many will even help you to improve your writing skills.

What else?

Tap your whole mind.

In my experience, whenever I’m really determined to do something, my superconscious mind kicks in. I experience a flow of synchronicity that opens a way where before no way existed.

With the proper mindset, literally anything is possible. Faith in your abilities, in your subconscious intelligence, and in the manifestation of amazing coincidences will see you through anything.

Face your fears.

That’s the cure.

It’s simple and it’s uncomfortable, but it works.

Using visualization and/or action can eliminate any fear.

What about getting help?

In addition, you don’t have to do it alone. There are many skilled therapists who can help you work through your fears.

In fact, I have found phobias can easily be eliminated with the proper techniques.

Saleem Rana is a psychotherapist in Denver, Colorado.
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