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How to Become a Good Parent

Children naturally look for role models to shape their attitudes and behaviors. As parents, it is important for us to make sure that they have plenty of positive responsibility models.

There is a lot of enough negative surrounding our children and much of the adult world can be negative, apathetic or mediocre. If we do not actively focus on being positive person, then other can dampen our children natural enthusiasm and optimism.

The first thing to remember about positive role models for your child is that despite anecdotal evidence to the contrary statistical studies demonstrate that the overwhelming majority of children consider their own parents to be their most important person. This is true not only for young children but even teenagers. So the most important thing we can focus on as parents is to be great, positive to ourselves.

1. Show your child that you actively work on a positive attitude
2. Let your child see you setting and achieving goals
3. Talk to your child about your own positive.

One thing to shy away from where role models are concerned is being careful not to overtly criticize when your child has identified with certain part himself, even if you have a problem with them If your child looks up to an unsavory pop star, your criticism could cause antagonism rather than learning. Instead, provide a balanced point of view by seeking out something positive to mention about the hero for instance that he must have been very dedicated to his goals to reach his current status. When you need to criticize, be as specific as you can and explain what you dislike about the persons behavior, rather than trying to label them as all bad.

More ways to expand the positive role models available to your child include:

4. Help your child to find a person who has excelled in a field in which your child has a talent or hobby
5. Talk to your child about social issues and then show them real people either local to your community, or in the news who have worked to make a difference
6. Introduce your child to people you think will be good character, and talk about the admirable qualities of these people
7. Together with your child, find people from history and make a scrap book or collage about the ones that excite or interest your child the most
8. When you see your child demonstrating a behavior that he associates with a particular positive character that you have talked about, praise him
9. Encourage your child to daydream, imagining himself in his hero shoes. For example, if your boy wants to be a great golfer, when you take him to the putting green or driving range, suggest that he pretend that he is Tiger Woods for the afternoon.

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