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How To Blend Essential Oil Combinations For A Balanced Aromatherapy Scent

As far as alternative medicines go, aromatherapy as moved into the realm of popularity in recent years mainly due to the fact that has been proven helpful in a wide variety of circumstances. Aromatherapy is used by women to help ease labor pains during childbirth. There are many other medicinal uses for it as well though it is not just for the sick. Aromatherapy can be used to help you focus, to relax, and on the other hand with the right blends it can also be invigorating.

There are some basics that you need to learn in order to produce your own blends of essential aromatherapy oils. Essential oils are put into categories according to their notes. Essential oils that have a tendency to evaporate more rapidly are known as top notes; these are also known for their antiviral properties. Top note essential oils are also usually very fresh in comparison to others and are usually very uplifting in nature with lighter scents. Top note essential oils are also very inexpensive and are considered to be fast acting, but not known for their endurance.

The essential oils known as middle notes are best for balancing the blending of oils that you are choosing. They are very mild and unlike the top notes you will not even be able to detect that they are present at first which is why they are so good for using to blend the others.

Base notes are the essential oils that are heavier than the others and have a very solid and long lasting scent. They are very good for helping the shorter duration oils that tend to evaporate last longer. The richness of these oils helps you to relax. As a side note, these oils are usually the most expensive of essential oils.

To learn to create the right scent balance it is important that you keep in mind that the top notes tend to be intense but short lasting so it is best to balance them with middles and base notes. The whole key is to end up with a blend that is what you need it to be on an emotional level.

To begin blending your own essential oils you should pick essential oils that you regularly use. You should also always mix at least one oil from each category so that your resultant blend is a mixture of all three notes. It is more than just choosing oils that you like the smell of, you want them to last as well.

Once you have blended equal parts of each essential oil in an airtight container and you have determined that you like the scent then put the lid on it and leave it for at least forty-eight hours. Now when you open the jar back up you will have the scent that you have blended.

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