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How to Boost Your Immune System Through Physical Activity

Physical activity is one of the most beneficial things someone can do to maintain optimal health, and to boost your immune system. When I don’t excercise I am more susceptible to catching colds.

Does that mean that you have to work out like a professional athlete? NO, if you feel like it by all means go ahead, but you need to realize that we all have different body types and genes.

While I like to lift weights and run, others like to play sports or go for walks. Whatever you are doing it should feel uplifting and fun, not stressful. Your immune health is hindered by stress.

If you don’t currently excercise at all, consult a physician before you begin an excercise regimen, but once you do I promise you will boost your immune health and energy levels immediately.

There are many different ways to keep your immune system in shape and get excercise. Get outdoors as often as possible. Play golf, tennis, join a local adult league sports team, join a gym etc.

You need to get plenty of fresh air every single day. Go for walks in the woods, a stroll in the country or a jog in the park. Go for a light run around the block a few times, jump rope in the driveway, dance with your friends or walk a trail in the woods after supper.

Moderate exercise, like a brisk 30-minute walk three or four times a week, has been shown to boost your immune system, strengthen and tone muscles you have not been using and has been deemed to improve all aspects of your life. Studies have shown that exercise deficiency syndrome is the biggest risk we face as we get older.

Regular exercise not only makes us feel fitter, more alert and younger, it also helps to prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, poor circulation, depression, obesity, joint and bone problems, in fact a very long list of the ailments of later life!

Keep socially and mentally active as well. Having a strong network of family and friends and a range of activities is vital to your health. Research shows that our cognitive functions can be kept agile by doing regular mental gymnastics.

Crosswords and puzzles are excellent mental gyms, as are discussion groups and many kinds of voluntary work. Brain power can last as long as we do, but appears to work best when it’s stretched.

Don’t forget to drink more water! Many of us are slightly dehydrated. This interferes with digestion (leading to constipation) and other processes, and it fogs up the brain. Drinking water is also a necessary part of maintaining proper immune health.

A good rule of thumb is to take your weight (ex: 200lbs) divide it in half (100) and that should be the amount of water (in ounces) you should be drinking on a daily basis. Example: 200 lbs / 2 = 100oz of water per day

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