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How To Choose A Wedding Invitation That Really Stands Out

One of the first things to consider after you set the date for your wedding is picking out invitations. Think about it, without the invitations it doesn’t matter how fancy your wedding is no one will be coming. I just got married and since we had a simple wedding that was beach oriented we went for a watercolor invitation that featured a beach with a sunset and two beach chairs, with our names embossed on them. Here are some other unique wedding invitation ideas.

It can be very difficult to choose the perfect invitation, there are so many different choices available online and with tons of stationary stores all around how do you find the best bargains and the best designs. Look for a place that has many different designs to choose from with unique ideas and perspectives. You don’t want to end up with the same invitation your best friend used two weeks ago and you definitely don’t want one that looks like it came out of a time machine! The main thing you are looking for in the perfect wedding invitation is one that gets attention. The best way of getting people’s attention is by presenting them with an invitation that is different from all the others they see.

If you want to go for a personalized look you could opt for having photos inlayed in the invitation. A sepia or black and white photo can look really classy and make for a very unique invitation. How about having a photo from the night of your engagement?

Another novel idea that would really get attention is to use a scrolled cloth. If you are having a really traditional wedding this could tie in very well. Have the invitation printed on a delicate piece of cloth and roll it up like a scroll tied with a satin ribbon. How many people do you think would do this?

You could have your invitation done as an engraving into a sheet of glass or perhaps, acrylic. This would certainly classify as unique and could hardly be lost or put aside. This was you are offering something that is permanent that can be thought of as a keepsake. I know I can’t recall ever seeing anything like this.

If you are artistically inclined you could possible design your own wedding invitations, if not you could commission an artist to design one that is a totally unique and original piece of art. You could even have the artist sign and number them so that they would have even more value. I don’t think anyone would toss out an invitation like that.

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