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How To Choose The Right Bird Hunting Dogs For Hunting Success

Do you love hunting birds? If yes, then most probably you will have your bird hunting dog as company most of the time. But finding good places to hunt for birds (with your hunting dog in tow) is always an issue. It is especially difficult during particular times of the year or seasons because most bird hunting areas are always crowded. In this case, look out for advertisements with wild game habitats or a commercial outfitter operation. These usually come with generous bag limits and can increase your bird hunting success rate.

When planning for your bird hunting expedition, what type of bird hunting dogs should you choose? This will depend a lot on what type of bird a you enjoy hunting. Choosing a highly trained hunting and gun dog is very important if you crave bird hunting success.

You also must plan ahead as to what kind of the environment your new dog will be in at home. For example, will the dog be kept outside in the natural elements, or will it be inside or in a warmed kennel? Will there be more than one dog in the kennel, or will it be by itself in its own kennel? Will it have a large kennel run for exercise, or will it rely on its owner for walking or running? Good hunters keep their bird hunting dogs acclimatized to the same atmosphere they hunt in at all times so that these dogs can perform up to par.

As for the types of bird hunting dogs, they can be grouped according to their levels of individual training : raw puppies with no training, young dogs with some early training, finished or broke hunting dogs, and Field Trial Dogs. Gun dogs can be purchased at any time during their gun training.

In selecting a bird hunting dog, it is very important to look for high-quality dogs that are good with the specific bird-type they are built to hunt for. If your new hunting dog is bred from a Quality Field Championship line, then you can expect it to do lots of great things. Stuffs like hunt upland game birds, compete in field trials at Local levels, Regional levels, and National levels.

Alternatively, you can buy your bird-hunting dogs as puppies, and train them yourself. This isn’t difficult if you know how. It is actually a simple, step-by-step process : buy it right, start it right, retrieve training needs to be done right, point training needs to be done right. The whole process will in turn teach the bird hunting dogs to be “steady to wing and shot,” according to professional dog trainer, Kenneth C. Roebuck in his book, Gun-Dog Training Pointing Dogs.

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