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How To Cure Sun Burn Using Natural Remedies

Playing and swimming on a beach on a sunny day can be really relaxing and refreshing. But sun burns caused by the ultraviolet rays can take away all the fun. Sun burns are caused by over exposure to sun resulting in burned skin, chills, nausea, blistering etc. But if you know ways to overcome the harm done, you need not stop the fun.

Dehydration is a part of sunburn and hence the water intake needs to increase for relief. It is important to wear a sun screen before going out in the sun. The sun screen should be applied at least 10 minutes before one goes out into the sun. Sun glasses can prevent the rays from harming the eyes. Fresh fruits with high water content like water melon can be refreshing.

Buttermilk and curd can be relaxing and can relieve the effects of sunburn. It can be consumed and also applied on the affected area. Aloevera is a natural sun screen which can be applied on the skin to prevent sunburns. A few drops of rose water in your bathing water can also be cooling and refreshing for your skin fighting against the harmful effects of the sun.

It helps to have a cold compress made of milk and water on the affected area. Cool baths are recommended but scrubbing and the use of harsh soaps can aggravate the problem. Cold tea bags can work wonders to cool off the burn. Cucumber juice is another remedy that can be quite relaxing and soothing for the sun burnt skin.

A friend of mine used shaving cream on the skin after a lukewarm shower and claims that the pain was completely gone the next day. Another tried out remedy is tomatoes; you can just rub them onto your skin or take the juice and apply it. Yellow mustard from your refrigerator can cool you off instantly; if you notice the main ingredient in it is vinegar.

There are many more ingredients available in your kitchen that can help sooth off the sun burn. Egg is one of them. Egg white can be applied on the sun burnt area for relief. Milk can be another option. Baking powder made into a paste with cold water and also corn starch made into a paste with cold water can be of help. Peach juice and potato slices can help. There is more to the list and you can probably try many things from your kitchen depending on its cooling properties.

If you find the irritation and the burn continuing in spite of these remedies medical intervention needs to be sought. It is not a good idea to get sun burnt frequently since the harmful ultra violet rays can cause cancer and other serious health hazards.

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