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How To Decorate for Any Party With Balloons!

Every party calls for it’s own special decorations, from birthdays to anniversaries to graduations to baby showers, there are special balloons for each occasion. And, everyone loves balloons, no matter if you’re young or old. But, what is the best place to hang them and what are the best colors for each party? Well, never fear, here are some tips and ideas to help you decide just how to decorate for any party with balloons!

1. Pick your colors wisely. For younger children’s birthday parties, a wide variety of colors is fine. If you are going with a themed party, try to go for the balloons that match that theme. For anniversaries, depending on the year the couple is celebrating, white, gold, silver, or special anniversary balloons are always the best choice. For graduations, you should try for balloons that are the same as the school colors to help with the graduation theme. And, of course, for baby showers, blue for boys, pink for girls. If the mother doesn’t know what the baby’s sex is yet, use an even amount of each color. There are also the pre-printed balloons that say “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Anniversary”, and so on. These are great as well, as they are usually already colored to the theme that you are wanting to stick with, so these can be great to sprinkle in with solid colored balloons around the room.

2. Hang them in the right spots. If you are just blowing them up and hanging them, try to find the right spots around the room(s) to place them so they are not in the way or blocking anyone’s view. Corners of windows or doors, tops of larger furnishings, and higher up on walls are great places to hang them. Try to do the balloons in groups of two to four, with streamers or banners in between each group. This will help the “party” atmosphere around the room! Ribbons, beads, or other special flair items can also be hung from under the balloons to help create an even more unique party feel!

3. Balloon bouquets. If you are purchasing balloon bouquets for the party, try to get them to match the theme of the party as well (see tip #1 for color ideas). Make sure that the weight matches the theme as well, most stores will have a wide variety of different weights for different occasions, so all you have to do is ask. The vast majority of companies that do balloon bouquets will also be willing to help you put together just the right bouquet for your parties as well, so don’t hesitate to ask about special arrangements or any other unique ideas that you might have to help your party be a success.

No matter what kind of party you are throwing, balloons are always a great way to go. And, afterwards, you know that you’ll have entertainment for hours trying to find fun ways to pop them! So, have fun picking out your colored balloons for your next party and remember these tips and ideas when you are hanging them around the party room!

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