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How to Find Ultimate Meanings of Success

In order to be successful and happy in life, we need to understand the definition of happiness. As Brian Tracy mentioned in his famous book “Maximum Achievement”, success can be classified into six categories. It is rewritten here in my own words. The understanding of the meaning of success will help us to know how to set our goals and finally can shape our actions to master our destiny.

1) Peaceful mind: People who are successful have a peace in their mind and do not have worry about their future or anything else. Every religion also mentioned this attribute as one of the goals to achieve.

2) Health and energy: We need to have the healthy body in order to live successfully. There is no use if we have billions dollars in the bank and have to stay sick in the hospital. Besides, we have to have enough energy to conduct a useful life. Although our body is just a vehicle to achieve what we want, it is a very important vehicle and we can not replace it. Unfortunately, most people ignore the process of taking care of their body and leave it to the doctor when we get ill. That is not so healthy. It is our responsibility to look for the knowledge to take good care of our body. We need to make sure that our body will last as long as we live without much problem. Learning on nutrition and exercise will be one of the tasks and make full use of it will be very important to your success.

3) Financial independence: Wealth is essential although it is not ultimate goal of our life. Money is not everything but it can bring you the joy you want. It is another vehicle and it is also a very important vehicle. How much money we should aim for in order to be financial independent? There is no definite answer for this. Some may be a billion, some may be a hundred thousand and some may be only a few bucks. The definition of financial independence is that when you have no worry about money anymore. A monk or a hermit may achieve financial independent although he does not have any money at all.

4) Good relationship with others: Human is a social creature. We can not live alone. If we leave a baby without care, the baby will die within a few hours. It needs many years until a baby become strong enough to be able to live on itself. While in other animals, the required time may not be that long. Some crocodile baby may need to take care of himself immediately after he comes out of his egg. Since we need other human beings to survive, we need to have good relationship with others. Successful people practice the fundamentals that make sure that he understands how to live with others in a congenial way.

5) Meaningful and worthwhile goals: Successful people have goals and they know that their goals are useful for themselves and others. They know the meaning of each days of their life and they see the progress toward their goals. They also have small goals for each day, each hour and each minute. They live in present and are not agitated by small things. Nothing can deflect them from their goals. If you want to be successful, you need to be able to focus on your goals effectively and know the value of the result you are after.

6) Self Actualization: We need to achieve to know ourselves if we want to get the real feeling of success. The top people know who they are and see what they are capable of. They love themselves and cherish every moment that they are living. They know that their existent is useful to others and themselves and finally the world. They understand the meaning of their life and know why they are where they are. This is the ultimate value of being successful.

The first step in using the definition of success is to set your goals in each of the six areas. Make it clear and precise what you want. Take time to visualize yourself as being successful in each area daily. Regular visualization will attract more favorable situation and attributes into your life. You can use Attraction Accelerator which is the background music to enhance your attraction. There are many proofs and testimonials that the music really helps.

All people want success. However, only a few know the definition of it and therefore put success into an unclear area of their mind. If you do not know what it is, how you can achieve it. In this article, the definition of success is vividly laid out for us to understand and to pursue.

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