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How To Lose Weight Using Hypnosis

Deciding to lose weight, whether a lot or just a little, shows that a person wants to be fit, healthy and probably feel more attractive.

Once on a diet and resisting the desire to eat chocolate and other good food we like, life seems a little less exciting. The enthusiasm we had at the beginning of our diet is disappearing a little because the weight just does not seem to be coming off fast enough. At first it drops fast but then slows down to a pound or so a week which is very discouraging. It almost seems like a wasted effort to stay on the diet but we try to remain strong and positive. Every time we turn on the television or open a magazine we see food, chocolate and all the goodies we are trying so hard to resist.

We often have a little stash of chocolate or other forbidden foods on hand because it is such a waste to throw them out, others in the house like them or as a treat for when we reach our desired weight. You start thinking about this but try to ignore the urge and it just gets louder and stronger. That little piece of chocolate seems to be stronger than your willpower.

You justify eating a forbidden food by saying that you are weak and could not resist, lack willpower and the thought was just too strong. The bottom line is that you really wanted some forbidden candy so you made it powerful than yourself. The bottom line is that you want to lose weight so you fit into your clothes and are not happy with the way you look. You do want to lose weight but you do not want to have to give anything up to achieve this weight loss.

How Weight Loss Hypnosis Helps

Your subconscious undermines your desire to loose weight because it is not on board with what you are trying to achieve. As long as your greater will and subconscious mind are not aligned, you experience self-sabotage.

The tool to use when you need to re-align your subconscious is hypnosis. Weight loss hypnosis does not take away your sense of accomplishment or achievement. It helps you made healthy choices while resisting the wrong foods. During the process, you feel good about yourself and feel less concern about the speed in which you loose weight. Weight loss hypnosis is not about dieting. It is about changing the way you think about yourself, re-aligning your beliefs and deeper drives so you are not fighting or trying to resist these thoughts. Hypnosis removes the guilt from dieting and guilt is what often adds more weight.

If you have tried almost every diet on the market with little or no success, then it may be time to try weight loss hypnosis. This could be your answer to dieting.

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