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How To Perform Bench Press Workout Effectively

Amongst all the other workouts to build your upper body strength, the bench press workout is the best. It helps in gaining maximum strength and helps you lift the maximum amount of weight. However, it also causes the most amount of injuries while working out, thus it is very important to know the right technique to do the job. First you have t lie on your back and then unrack the weight and slowly bring it down to your chest. Then press the weight back up until your arms are locked, and voila, you are doing a bench press. There are various kinds of bench press exercises too.

Close Grip bench press – allows you to emphasize on your triceps and the grip is to be at shoulder length.

Reverse Grip bench press – these also emphasize on your triceps and the palms should be facing you while doing this kind of press.

Incline bench press – builds your shoulders and the position should be on an incline bench.

Decline bench press – this allows you to pull the maximum weight and should be done on a decline bench.

Floor bench press – this is done on while lying on the floor and helps in building your triceps with maximum effect.

A bench press helps in sculpting a strong and wide chest and also helps in building tremendous strength in your upper body. Most injuries happen while doing the bench press because it is the most heavily worked out exercise in the gym. Some other reasons behind the high number of injuries while doing the bench press are not using the thumb while making the grip which leads to the weights slipping from your hands, not adding weights gradually and starting with heavy weights which is a wrong technique, not asking anyone to be your spotter because someone should always be keeping a look out for the weight being stuck on your chest. Another common problem while doing the bench press is shoulder pain.

This can be taken care of by simply stopping the exercise and reverting back to dumbbells but that is not the proper solution. The best way to avoid such problems is using proper techniques like bringing your chest and shoulder blades together while doing the press, doing the barbell row and the overhead press before and after the bench press because the bench press concentrates more on the front rather than the back shoulders. Thus if you don’t work out your back then it may lead to muscle imbalances. Be sure to give importance to grip width, gripping the bar properly, bringing your chest and shoulders together, tightening your upper back and using a wide foot stance helps in achieving better results out of the most popular work out in the gym.

Always remember to touch your chest and keeping your arms perpendicular to the floor while doing the bench press, and also remember to keep the bar above your elbows while doing the exercise. Remember not to push your head onto the bench press because that will only aggravate the ill effects of the bench press rather than helping you.

Be sure to get more bench press workout tips at and follow your own bench press workout plan using the techniques there.