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How To Plan A Great Honeymoon

When you are deciding on a honeymoon spot it should ideally be a place that the two of you have never been. The adventure of exploring a new destination can add to the excitement of the honeymoon. Make sure that it isn’t too remote unless you are both into that kind of thing and be sure to know a little about the area before you go. Beware of areas with bad drinking water like some areas of Mexico. Montezuma’s Revenge can ruin a honeymoon!

You will never forget that first night together as a married couple so splurge and reserve the honeymoon suite. If you can’t afford it for the entire honeymoon, at least do it for the first night. Many destinations have special honeymoon packages with hot tubs, massages, and champagne. How’s that for getting pampered?

Bring some romantic accessories for the room with you just in case you can’t find what you want on site. Pack satin sheets and romantic aromatherapy candles to turn the suite into your own little love nest.

Make a recording of your favorite romantic and sexy music to play on the night of your honeymoon as well as for the activities you do during the rest of your stay. This will be something you will treasure years down the road.

While on your trip keep a daily record of your activities and thoughts. Collect items and keepsakes to remind you of each day when you look at them years from now. A journal like this will be treasured for a lifetime and your children and grandchildren will enjoy it as well.

Take the time to do things together you might not get to do at home like moonlight walks on the beach and picnics. If you are in an area with water, take a boat trip alone or go kayaking and find a little remote area where you can be alone. Be sure to bring a nice bottle of wine and cheese to snack on. A nighttime picnic under the stars is always romantic.

Take advantage of this time alone together and treat even simple things like baths like a celebration with bubbles and champagne.

I recommend that you choose a destination that is known for romantic sunsets as well. Watching sunsets is a time to sit and relax and to reflect upon the day’s activities. It doesn’t get much more romantic than a sunset on a remote beach.

Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida with his 16 year old son. Don’t forget sexy lingerie from