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How To Pull Out Bass In Popular Fishing Lakes

Bass fishing is probably the most popular form of sport fishing in the United States. While bass can be caught in rivers, streams, lakes, and sometimes even in salt water bodies, lakes are probably the most common areas fished for large bass. If you’re a newcomer to the sport and want to get in on the fun, here are some of the best bass fishing lakes in the United States where you can guarantee a good catch on the first run.

Texas is full of great bass fishing lakes to visit, but many of the latest reports point anglers toward Lake Ray Roberts, in the North Texas Dallas/Fort Worth area. Water temperatures in the early part of March range between 58 and 68 degrees, and there is a wide variety of water to fish, ranging from quite murky to crystal clear. The lake is quite shallow, meaning it stays warm through most of the year and is a great breeding ground for bass. Levels good for bass fishing range from about 6-10 feet, and you can easily catch 5-8 pound specimens with smoky, purple, blue and black jigs. Also try light colored spinner and chatter baits in warmer waters (less than 4 feet deep) for excellent results. Lake Tawakonee is also popular for black and white bass. Beware of the excited angler, however. Some of the fishermen around this lake tend to become territorial and are not thrilled to the prospect of newcomers! Find a cove of your own, and you can fish all you want – the lake is full of bass, and you won’t be disappointed, regardless of your position.

If you just move a few hundred miles north to Missouri and you will also find bass fishing lakes with great opportunity. Table Rock Lake is quite popular for bass fishing. Try the waters from mid to late May for temperatures between 65 and 70 degrees, which bring lots of activity from these fish. Around the Kimberling City area of the lake, you should target the shady side of the docks with a jig/craw combo. In and around the dam, you’ll also find success with shaky head worms around the points, where smallmouth bass tend to congregate. Also take a whack at Stockton Lake, especially around secondary points. Carolina rigs tend to be effective here, while jig and craw can attract quite a catch above the bridges.

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