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How To Set Goals Effectively

Do you climb in a boat on the open sea, and just sit in it, waiting for the wind to take you wherever? Unfortunately, a lot of people treat life that way. They think: Life is just happening to me. Or: I’ll go with the flow.

If you truly want to live life to the fullest, and be all you can be, you need to set goals and reach them. A goal is just a dream until you write it down. As soon as you write it down, it becomes like a map; a roadmap to your success. After you write them down, you should have it somewhere where you can see it often. You need to look at it and think about it at least twice a day. If you are focused on your goals you will definitely accomplish them.

But how do you write a goal? A goal needs to be set positively. It is no good to say: I don’t want to work anymore. It is better to say: I want to be financially free. It is no good to say: I don’t want to lose. It is better to say: I am going to win! If you focus on the negative, you will get the negative. If you focus on the positive, that is what will happen for you.

Some people set a goal, but believe in their heart that they won’t attain it. Guess what? You always reach your goals. If you believe you won’t reach your goal, then you will reach that goal of not reaching the goal. It is important that you really want that goal, and that you believe you can get it, deserve to get it, and will get it. It is also good to set a realistic goal, but make sure it is high enough to be a challenge.

When you set a goal, make sure you don’t share it with too many people. Only share it with those who you think will support your goal. Remember the Wright brothers? People said they would never reach their goal. There are many examples of people who had a seemingly impossible goal. People said they were mad it would never work. The naysayers were proved wrong. Why? Because if someone really wants something he will not stop until he has what he wants. Examples are Henry Ford, Thomas A Anderson. Write out your goal in complete detail, and make sure it does not contradict any of your other goals. You should have a goal for each of the areas in your life: Spiritual, family, career, health, educational, financial. This will ensure a balanced life.

Make sure you look at your goals daily. When you do something or decide something, stop and say: Will this bring me closer to my goal or take me away from it? If the answer is closer to your goal, you are definitely making the right decision. Is the answer away from your goal? Yes? Well, what should you do?

Follow this process every day, and you will be on your way to the greatest success you can imagine.

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