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How Would You Like To Have A Razor Sharp Memory?


Can’t remember where you put things?

Honey! Where did I put my damn keys?

Do you forget important dates like your…oops! Anniversary?

Peoples names, birthdays, places, events, what you studied,
etc, all draw a blank?

If so, just relax. Don’t get so serious about it. The whole world isn’t about to stop just because you forget a few things, right?

Many people do experience memory problems, regardless of age, sex, or social standing. You didn’t think it was just you, did you?
Don’t think only aging people can experience forgetfulness, because everyone can have some memory loss from time to time.

You want a sharper memory? Try these techniques:

1. You have to be interested in what you want to remember or memorize. Let’s say for instance you love to study History more than any other subject. Do you think you would remember History more than your studies in other subjects? Absolutely. By becoming more interested in what you are studying, you are also giving more attention to it. This increases your chances of recalling it again from your memory when you need it.

2. You need to be able to focus well and put your full attention on what you are learning. If you easily get distracted by things around you, it will take you longer to memorize and remember things. Find a quiet place so you can concentrate on what you are reading, learning, or observing.

3. You must use your imagination. Be creative. Learn to visualize what you are reading etc. I don’t mean just get the pictures, really experience it with all your senses. Many memory techniques require the person to think of the most outrageous and exaggerated images to help them remember certain facts or information. The funnier and more out-of-this-world the images, the better chances you will retain data in your mind. Have fun with it!

4. A healthy lifestyle can definitely help. A good diet, regular exercise and enough sleep create a mind that is alert and energetic. It is far easier to recall stuff when your mind is alert and not sleepy. There are also some vitamins that apparently help to improve memory. Check out your local health food store.

5. Visualize some pleasant experiences you had recently. Try to get get the sensations at the time, the feelings, the emotions, the smells, the sounds, the sights, the colors. This will freshen your mind and make it easier to retain information.

Let me know how it goes.

Phil de Fontenay has been counselling people in all aspects of life for over 15 years. He has helped many people take back control of their lives. He firmly believes that ANYONE can get better.
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