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If You Are Serious About Your Hiking Then You Need To Be Serious About Your Choice Of Hiking Boots

If you are a serious hiker it is crucial that you take the time to research and find the right hiking boot for the type of hiking you are into. The reason there are so many varieties of hiking boot is due to the fact that there are so many different types of hiking. For example if you hike through areas that have streams and such you will definitely want to make sure that the pair you choose are waterproof.

Whatever style of hiking you do you will want your footwear to be lightweight, sturdy, and constructed of one piece for maximum durability. The best hiking boots will also have a waterproof inner liner along with the capability to repel water and moisture on the exterior. Only look at boots that are less than 14 ounces, anything heavier than that will be too heavy and will make you tired more quickly. A hiking boot with all of these characteristics will be best for moderate as well as hikes that are off the trail.

For long distance hiking you will want a boot that has a sole filled with a nylon shank that will give you excellent edging and lateral stability for the extreme long distance hiking enthusiast. For the best of this type look for one with features such as a full leather lining, rubber mid soles, and gunmetal lacing and be sure that it is under six ounces.

There are a large number of hiking boots that are made for comfort more than others but they are usually custom made and thus will be more expensive than normal boots. If you are really serious about your hiking though you may not think the expense is that bad. Hiking boots of this type will feel like a part of your body which will make super long hikes a breeze compared to an off the rack shoe.

If you are into rock climbing you may want to consider a boot constructed of full grain nubuck, leather uppers, and a gusseted nubuck tongue along with a polyurethane dual density midsole that will give you enhanced lateral stability. A boot like this is well suited for rock climbing but not the best choice for heavy loads on long hikes.

The best practice is to make the decision of what type of hiking you need the footwear for before shopping. If you do long distance hiking and rock climbing then you will probably want to purchase two completely different types of hiking boot so you will have the maximum comfort, performance, and safety for your chosen activity. You can find the largest possible selection on the internet so start clicking.

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