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Improving Your Traction And Sports Performance With Cleats

Cleated shoes are a special type of footwear where the bottom of the sole is covered in large nubs or slender spikes so that they have improved traction over a wide range of outdoor surfaces. There are two main types of cleated shoes.

Ice Cleats:

Ice cleats are designed to allow one to walk with a sure gait across large expanses of ice without falling on, and wounding one’s pride (Buttocks.) Hockey and figure skating coaches, as well as referees overseeing ice sports are likely the first people you’ll find wearing ice cleats. While ice cleats can be useful, they are not recommended footwear for the casual ice-rink visitor (though someone working therein will likely own a pair.) Also, Ice Cleats are often banned from school gyms because they leave all but irremovable stains and marks on hardwood, linoleum, and other shiny surfaces.

The bottoms of ice cleats look significantly different from other shoes in the same family: the traction spikes are situated to help one gain their footing on slick, possibly dangerous surfaces, unlike sporting cleats. There are even ice cleats that one can purchase to fit over an existing pair of boots or shoes, and then take off when they get inside.

Also, for the infirm, there is a cheap but effective ice cleat available at most pharmacies that attaches to the rubber shoe of a cane. If you’re looking for a good pair of cleated ice shoes, check out Cozy Winters online. They have a wide selection of attachable ice cleats.

Sporting Cleats:

Sporting cleats are made for playing a variety of sprots. Sometimes referred to as baseball cleats, sporting cleats are used in all manner of sports (including Quidditch, no doubt). The idea behind sporting cleats is to allow players maximum traction while they are running, and to allow them firm footing.

These types of cleats come in two main styles: molded bottoms, and metal bottoms. Metal bottomed cleats are, for more than one reason, banned from most youth sporting events: violent outbreaks and accidents among children at play are common enough without them wearing large, metallic spikes on the bottoms of their feet. Metal bottomed cleats are often used in golf.Molded rubber cleats are for more common, especially in sports where accidentally (or not-so-accidentally) kicking another player becomes a danger. They also tend to be far less expensive. You can find this variety of cleated shoe at almost any sporting good store, but if you’re looking for a source online, you might just want to check out Puma. Though they list their products as Soccer cleats, their products are well made and suitable for just about every sport.

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