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Information about Gamburd Inc Is Needful For Managing Disability

Those who are running NGOs for disabilities and those who are managing one disability home or the other will highly appreciate the existence of Gamburd Inc. Getting to know about Gamburd Inc is needful for breaking barriers facing those who are living with disabilities. Also, several medical equipments and services are available at Gamburd Inc. This organization has arrays of products and services that are reasonably priced for those in need.

Areas Of Specialization

Varieties of medical equipments and services are being offered by this organization. Included in their access modification services are stair chairs, door openers, ramps, overhead ceiling hoist system and grab bar installation. Just think of medical equipment that will meet specific needs; and you will certainly find it in this medical equipment supplies company. It’s all about providing services and perfect tools that make life a lot easier and less stressful.

Here’s the list of the products and services that will tell you more about Gamburd Inc;

Chair lift, , wheel chair, wheel chair ramps, grab bars, beds, crutches, hospital beds and equipments, handicap shower, general medical equipment supplies, overhead lifts, lift chairs, lifts, stair glide, scooters, ramps, wheel chair. Also, at a customers order, stair lifts in particular can be customized and installed to meet a specific need.

Information about Gamburd Inc cannot be complete without a comprehensive description of their unique medical equipment services. Among the varieties of the stair-lifts supplied by Gamburd Inc are:

? The Bruno Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor. The features of this stair-lift include safety, reliability and durability. It has been well fashioned to avoid disappointment of any kind in the course of its use. A constant change or repair of this wheelchair is not necessary since the materials used in making it are of high quality and are capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions. With this type of wheelchair, the user is assured of independence and restoration of confidence any where and anytime. The ease and comfort of navigating the stairs outdoors is the most outstanding feature of this special outdoor wheelchair.

? The Sterling 2000 Custom Stair-lift: this classic piece is fashioned in such a way to fit any stairway wall. It doesn’t matter the complex nature of any staircase, this stair-lift is very adaptable in form and will surely hug any way in the most fitting manner.

Another set of equipments that speaks volume about Gamburd Inc is bathroom safety kits. They offer variety of bath equipments that ensure safety at the bath-place. Inclusive in these kits are:-

o The grab bars usually mounted on the wall of the bathroom to provide support and stability while in the bathtub.
o Bath lifts (particularly for the disabled and elderly people)
o Bath benches
o Shower chairs
o Bathroom wheel chairs specially designed for the disabled
o Shower seats for those who need support while taking shower
o Transfer benches for moving in and out of the bathtub (especially for the old and physical impaired)
o Shower heads and a lot of others.

Getting informed about Gamburd Inc is getting information on how to break barriers for the disabled using the best medical equipments and tools.

Israel Gamburd is author of this article on Wheelchair Ramps.
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