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Is Paris Really The Gourmet Food Center Of All Europe?

Paris is a city of phenomenal restaurants, quaint bistros, and tea saloons as well as the little cafes we have heard so much of. These establishments serve a variety of fine gourmet foods from elegant fine dishes to foods from the region including ethnic cuisine from restaurants that make you feel at home and a variety of so many different foods you will never be able to sample them all.

Lovers of fresh food will enjoy the markets that exist in Paris where you are able to walk around and rub elbows with the locals as you experience the thrill of the outdoor markets and enjoy the taste of the fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables and the newer organic foods.

Of course the high end fine dining is what Paris is known for and if you are looking for this you will find no shortage of choices in Paris. In gourmet stores such as Layfayette’s you will find a huge selection of regional gourmet foods and fine wines from all over the globe. The store is very popular and a great place to buy local food to cook your own meals if you don’t want to eat out the entire time you are there.

If you are not a fancy food connoisseur and are more into just eating a quick bite and getting back to exploring the area you can find a wide assortment of familiar haunts if you are an American especially. You will be able to eat at pretty much any of the larger fast food establishments you are accustomed to from home such as Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, and McDonald’s, where you will be able to drink a beer with your burger if you so choose.

I suggest that you try to blend in and enjoy the local culture and the local food as much as you possibly can. You will see that many of the local diners and restaurants have budget menus with less expensive offerings which many of the locals partake in. Try some of the rare tastes that you may not get a chance to sample again.

Even though Paris is known as the gourmet capital that isn’t all that it is, there is also the regional native food. And one thing good about these kinds of food is that they are cheap, and the locals prefer it as I said. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore the new foods as you explore the sights that Paris has to offer.

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