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Is Using Diet Pills to Increase Metabolism a Good Idea?

We are fast becoming a society in search of instant gratification. More and more people are beginning to think and believe that somehow with all our scientific knowledge and research that losing weight and getting in shape should be an easy undertaking. Losing weight should be a lifestyle choice that is based on living a healthy life. Using a pill to lose weight might work for the short term, but without serious changes in eating and exercising habits most people will soon gain the weight back, particularly when they stop taking the pills.


Here’s why. A diet pills primary ingredient is a stimulant of some sort such as caffeine. The nice thing about a stimulant like caffeine is that it does indeed increase the body’s metabolism and suppresses the appetite. That might sound like the perfect weight loss recipe but unlike naturally increasing metabolism using an artificial stimulant only lasts as long as the drug is in your body.

The other thing that people who use diet pills must be aware of is that the pill is not the end all and be all of losing weight. Simply taking a pill and not changing their current eating habits will lead to few if any weight loss results. The pill will give a good starting point but without some serious lifestyle changes about eating and exercising it will not give the results asked for.

The problem with any diet pill, or stimulant for that matter, is that it is artificially stimulating the body’s metabolic systems. The body reacts to this stimulation by an increase in metabolism brought about by certain hormones being released into the blood stream. This does burn off extra calories but it comes at a price. The body’s supply of hormones is not infinite.

The adrenal glands supply a good portion of the body’s hormones. If they are constantly bombarded with caffeine or other stimulants they will soon exhaust their supply of hormones, many of which are responsible for metabolism and weight control. Before long the body’s inability to regulate itself naturally will begin to have affects, some of them serious.

With any appetite suppressant one has to be aware that not actually eating enough can also have the opposite effect they might be looking for. If the body goes into starvation mode its metabolism will actually begin to slow down to store it energy for the perceived lean times ahead. This is why anyone cutting calories, either through diet or with artificial means, needs to be careful with how much they are cutting. The body requires a certain amount of calories per day to function at peak efficiency. Take in to many calories and it gets stored as fat. Take in to few and the metabolism slows down protecting the fat stores it already has.

Using diet pills in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program can be a good way to start losing weight. They can give that initial boost to ones metabolism and start the weight coming off, which can be a great motivator. They are not, however, a good long term weight loss and maintenance solution. The best long term weight loss solution is a change to a healthier lifestyle that allows the body to naturally increase its metabolism to a level that burns calories at an optimum rate.

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