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It’s Not Just a Health Matter; It’s a Pleasure Thing

First and foremost, it is always recommended that you use a lubricant when engaging in activities with sex toys.
It’s not just a health matter; it’s a pleasure thing. A well-chosen lubricant can dramatically enhance your sexual ecstasy and experience, adding delightful smoothness and sensations to anytype of stimulation while reducing friction on sensitive genital tissue.

Whether your self-pleasuring, using a toy, or engaging in passionate intercourse, lubrication increases your sensitivity by creating smoother, slipperier, and softer surfaces.

Lubes are manufactured in many different consistencies, colors, and even flavors to match the variety of lubrication applications. It is best to experiment and find the right one for you and for your sex toy. Lubricants make sex toys or masturbation feel more realistic.

Ask yourself what you want most in a lubricant, and what you’ll be using it for: solo sex, toy fun, a combination of sex toys and your partner, bath time fun? Is it for vaginal intercourse? Is it for anal penetration? Is it for masturbation? Once you’ve answered those questions, and read our guide you’ll be well on to your way to choosing a lube.

Currently three kinds of base for lubricants exist: water-based oil-based, and silicone.

Water Based

Water based lubricants are made mostly of water and are safe to use with all sex toys, condoms, or diaphragms. They are similar to the feel of natural vaginal fluids and today’s modern high quality water based lubricants offer long lasting lubrication, while not staining or becoming sticky. They also offer a “wetter” more gliding feel than the oil-based lubricants. Water-based lubricants often feature a variety of flavors or colors to make using lubricant more appealing for couples but if you are looking for an internal vaginal lubricant, Make sure the one you choose does not contain sugar as this can cause yeast infections in women. Water-based lubricants are your best bet for all purpose lubes, as they can be used for all intended purposes.

Popular water based lubes :
Wet Original,WetLight,Climax H2o,Probe,Hydra Smooth,IDGlide, ID Pleasure,Moist

Silicone Based

Silicone lubricants give us the best of both worlds: the highly arousing slick feels of oil plus the safety-first advantages of water-based lube. Silicone based lubricants are similar to the water based variety, in that they are safe to use with condoms and latex or rubber sex toys but they have the added advantage of being waterproof which makes them incredible for use in the water. They are generally a bit more expensive, but also are more concentrated and longer lasting than water based lubricants, so a little bit goes much further. They can, however, cause sex toys that are made from silicone or realistic materials such as CyberSkin or UR3 to break down so make sure not to use them together.

Popular silicone lubes: ID Velvet,ID Millenium,Pjur Eros Original,Moist Gel

Oil Based

Oil-based lubricants are usually made from natural products, such as vegetable oils and nut oils and have a thick, rich texture that enhances your sensitivity and provides extremely cushioned friction. However ones needs to be careful when using oil based lubricants as Oil destroys latex on contact, which means you can’t use it with condoms or diaphragms, and it stains fabric, so be careful.

Popular oils based lubricants: ID Cream

Some women believe that because they lubricate naturally, they don’t need a lube. Every couple will find their lovemaking benefits from the use of lube. Even if you’re the type of woman whose natural lube needs very little persuasion, an extra lubricant can add a whole new dimension to sex, helping you and your partner pick up sensations you’ve never felt before.

Every woman goes through certain days within the menstrual cycle, just after childbirth, during or after the menopause when natural lubrication needs a helping hand and on these occasions lube provides a simple, fun and highly effective way of continuing a healthy sex-life. Stress, tiredness, some over the counter drugs and the pill can also contribute to a dryer than normal vagina so make sure you use a lubricant during these times to ensure a healthy and pleasurable sex life.

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