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Kama Sutra – Extreme Kama Sutra Positions!

It’s amazing how popular The Kama Sutra has become in recent years. What could it be? Could it be the fact that so many people are now becoming more aware of the need for a more adventurous sex life? Or perhaps it’s because maybe the western world has a lot to learn when it comes about increasing the level of both pleasure and connection in the bedroom? Whatever it is it sure has had a huge impact on the world and doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon!

Some Kama Sutra Positions To Have Fun With

In case you didn’t know already, there are literally hundreds of different kama sutra positions for you and your partner to try in the bedroom. A lot of positions created in ancient times have been modified and we as a western civilization have giving them different names. Some of the more extravagant kama sutra positions include:

The Waterfall

The waterfall is a fairly difficult position to get into initially and requires a certain level of flexibility, mostly by the woman. You will need a stool for this position. Once you have one, the man should sit down and allow his partner to climb onto, rapping both legs around his waist. From there the woman should hold onto the inner pelvis region of the man and proceed to rock back as far as she can go, almost touching her head on the ground below her. The man should hold onto her breasts and caress them as she rocks her pelvis in an up and down motion.

This is a very erotic position once you get the hang of it and can create enormous pleasure, especially for the woman as the position she is in allows for the man’s penis to press against the upper region of the vagina wall, where a great deal of nerve endings appear.

The Indian Headstand

Again the Indian headstand is a fairly difficult position to get into initially, but once there it’s a lot of fun and extremely erotic. It requires the man to be standing and the woman to be taken from behind. The man should firstly hold the upper front on both thighs. From there the woman should move her feet up between his arms resting the backs of her feet on the front shoulders of her partner, all the while keeping her arms straight and her head off the ground. The only part of the body that should be touching the ground are for the woman her hands and for the man his feet.

Again it does require a bit of strength mostly by the man to hold her into position, but once there he should proceed to take her from behind.

So there are just a few positions to try out with your partner next time the two of you are feeling like doing something a little more exciting than just the plain old missionary position!

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