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Kama Sutra – Secret Kama Sutra Sexual Positions

Kama sutra has become incredibly popular of the past few years. Many people are taking to this ancient text as a way of improving the amount of excitement in the bedroom. There are many sexual positions that are talked about in The Kama Sutra, but only a certain few seem to create enormous amounts of pleasure.

The Dog

The dog was designed as a way of increasing pleasure by the man being behind the woman in a position that is unbelievably more pleasurable for the woman than for the man.

It has become one of the most used Kama Sutra positions in the world due to its ease of use. In fact it has become common practice for sexual partners to use this position more often than any other. If you are planning on trying something new and you haven’t tried the dog, then you and your partner are in for a treat.

The Lotus

The lotus is described as when the man is sitting cross-legged with the woman on top. This again is certainly a very popular position and was designed in one of the first Kama Sutra’s back many centuries ago. Most people like to switch from this position into another. There are many positions to go to from The Lotus, including; the right angle(man standing with the woman laying on her back), the clip(man lies down and the woman leans back on her knees) and many others.

I’m sure that you have done the lotus on numerous encounters, which you probably don’t remember as it is a position that most people switch in between during intercourse.

The Visitor

The Visitor is probably the most intimate of sexual positions outlined in The Kama Sutra. It is when both the man and woman are standing and in the past it’s likely you have been in this position before. Because the two of you are standing, most of the eroticism is taken out of the mood and replaced with a feeling of total connection.

If you and your partner are deeply in love, the visitor is able to magnify that love tenfold. Worth giving a go next time.

The Kama Sutra was firstly designed not as a guide to sex, but as a guide to total relationship building. Most people tend to forget this and focus more on the physical side of this ancient text. One of the main teachings in the Kama Sutra discusses how pleasure can only be maximized in the bedroom if you and your partner share a strong sense of connection. Focus on your relationship and it will reflect in the bedroom.

If you want to learn more about The Kama Sutra including the latest news and reviews, then Kama is the place to go!