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  • Barbells VS Dumbbells

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    Dumbbell vs Barbell – Which One is the Winner?

    It never goes wrong. Everyone always asks me the question, If you could only train with one for the rest of your life, which would you use: dumbbells or barbells”? Okay, in my world I don’t have to pick, but in the great dumbbell vs barbells debate I will always give my answer. While both dumbbells and barbells have their own pros, I don’t think either one has a con. Both are excellent tools to use and both can help you achieve the results you desire whether […]

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    How To Perform Bench Press Workout Effectively

    Amongst all the other workouts to build your upper body strength, the bench press workout is the best. It helps in gaining maximum strength and helps you lift the maximum amount of weight. However, it also causes the most amount of injuries while working out, thus it is very important to know the right technique to do the job. Learn more about the topic by reading this article!

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