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Kidney Cleansing of Kidney Stones

Several diseases are the result of the accumulation of toxic materials in the body. Unnecessary accumulation of waste materials indicates the poor health of excretory organs. Toxic substances like lead, benzene cadmium and numerous other pollutants in the body are cleared by the kidneys. Apart from the several other key functions, the fluid balance in your body is also maintained by them.

The ability of the kidneys to remove waste materials is quite often impaired by kidney stones. In such a situation, kidney cleansing is very essential.

Kidney cleansing is a process used to flush out toxins and wastes in kidney tissues. It is also an important procedure in dissolving the highly harmful kidney stones. When there is a malfunctioning in the urinary system, toxins get accumulated which in turn hampers the functions of the kidneys. Through kidney cleansing, all the ill effects caused by the malfunctioning of the urinary system are cleared and the kidneys regain their normal functional ability. The cleansing also helps in getting rid of urinary tract infections. But the most important role of kidney cleansing is in removing kidney stones.

Kidney stones are solid crystals found in the kidneys and ureters. They are the result of the dissolved minerals in urine and normally leave the body in the urine stream. The crystals in urine are the result of various salts, which get precipitated. Occasionally, the salts get deposited on the inner surfaces of the kidneys. Prolonged deposition of the crystals gives rise to stones of varying sizes. The salts, which normally pass out as solution, get accumulated when there is high concentration of the salts. Improper functioning of the urinary system can also give rise to kidney stones. The accumulation of kidney stones can be avoided to a greater extent through kidney cleansing.

Kidney cleansing of kidney stones is essential because as the size of the kidney stones increase,s it becomes near impossible to urinate. The stones can stop the passing of urine by blocking the ureter. This can lead to severe pain in the flank, groin and lower abdomen. During their passage, the crystals, which have sharp edges, can damage the inner surface of ureter. This can lead to blood in the urine. Apart from this stones can lead to the growth of several bacteria. Kidneys also purify blood; the presence of kidney stones can create variation in blood pressure and thus making the heart work harder. All kidney stones cannot be detected by X-ray, so the best option is to prevent kidney stones through kidney cleansing.

There are numerous methods of kidney cleansing. The most popular method is the watermelon cleansing. There are also several herbal recipes for clearing the kidney stones. Another method is juice fasting or water fasting. Apart from these methods, there are also numerous homeopathic solutions. The cleansing usually does not have any side effects but it is wise to take the advice of a health practitioner before pursuing a kidney cleansing.

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