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Know the use of different robust Heavy Duty Fitness Equipment

Whether you go to a commercial gym centre or prefer working out at your home gym, it is worth investing in heavy duty fitness equipment. These machines allow you to perform a variety of exercises to target different muscle groups.

Whether motorised or not, these machines offer the user the ability to perform different workouts at different intensity levels. By harnessing gravity, body weight, external weight, or tension as a resistance force, these gym machines help you to build strength and stamina. This article highlights certain heavy-duty gym equipment and how they target different body parts while working out.

Adjustable Weight Training Bench-

An adjustable bench is a vital piece of equipment for any gym. These benches are made of high-quality steel. You can adjust the bench according to your workouts. It can be inclined, declined, and also used as a flat bench.

Anti-skid Double wheel AB Roller-

If you need any equipment for your abs and core muscles, the anti-skid double wheel AB roller is an excellent choice. It comes with two non-skid wheels that target abdominal muscles evenly. It also comes with a soft premium knee pad which guards your knees during a workout. Equipped with a rubber grip design, it enhances friction and avoids slipping.

Spin bike-

The spin bike is a fun and high intensity piece of cardio/aerobic equipment which can be adjusted to suit each user according to their level of fitness. This cardio equipment usually has max weight support of 110 kg and comes with an adjustable, comfortable, and cushioned seat. Equipped with Heavier Flywheel, the spin bike works on the belt drive system and has adjustable mechanical resistance. It also has wheels for easy transportation.

Heavy Duty Elliptical Cross Trainer-

Are you suffering from a knee injury but want to burn more calories or improve your overall fitness? Then an Elliptical Cross Trainer might be the piece of equipment you need . One of the main features of this elliptical heavy-duty machine is it provides a 6 kg flyweight for smoother workouts. It has a max weight capacity of 110 kg and 8 level tension controllers. It is ideal for a full-body cardio workout and it comes with non-skid foot pedals and adjustable foot straps.

Plate-Loaded Gym Equipment-

For an advanced muscle workout, plate loaded gym equipment offers unparalleled levels of safety and comfort while delivering impressive results to build-up or tone muscles in the upper body, core, or legs. Selectorised leg curl and leg press machines are among the most effective strength-building machines there are and perfectly complement strength workouts that require upper body training equipment.

Each piece of plate loaded gym equipment has been ergonomically engineered using the highest standards in biomechanics to provide the best possible strength workout.

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