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Left Handed Golf Clubs – Made With Care

When the occasional ball under or behind the most awkward of obstructions might sometimes lead even a right hander to dream of a set of left handed golf clubs, they are no joke, with just as specific and precise design required as those used much more commonly for right handers.

Not simply putting the shaft on the other side of the head, which might seem a logical enough solution to the layman, the whole thing has to be a carefully designed mirror image and as such, pretty well all parts are specific to left handed golf clubs in manufacture.

For left-handed men and women, adult and child, there is a whole specific range created alongside most of the brands that are made. And when a new, upgraded product is released, these special golf clubs within that brand and range, won’t be far behind, if at all.

In addition, although it might be an easy solution for manufacturers, golf clubs for left-handers are not just made in matched sets. No, there are also individual clubs available so that connoisseurs of the game can create their own bespoke sets to get the best from their own, particular game.

Being left handed can be something of a curse to those with the affliction. Whilst they themselves are perfectly happy with it, despite their being disadvantaged sometimes in a majority right handers world, they probably have grown up with the occasional unfair comment, just because they are in a minority (around 8-15% of the population). Sadly, that’s the way of the world.

It’s still a very substantial number of potential customers and the world’s leading manufacturers have ensured that their efforts in making left handed golf clubs are every bit as good as those for right handers.

Yet things are not always as they seem. Choosing left doesn’t always make it right! You see some people are left handed for some things and right handed for others. It’s a strange quirk of those individuals who might write, right handed, yet use left handed golf clubs on the course, because they prefer it, feel more comfortable and most likely play better that way! Strange but true.

Many well known golfers have played left-handed, yet in real life are right-handed, perhaps more to do with how they were taught not be than their true characteristic. Golfers like Phil Mickelson, a multi-championship winning left handed golfer, even though he too is right handed in real life.

Often, usually because of being forced at school (especially for older people, when schooling was more draconian!), the way people were encouraged to write will be carried through your life, but that doesn’t mean it’s natural.

So, when there’s a choice, like when learning a game like golf, and old enough to make one’s own decisions, people defer back to their preference.

Even if a golfer has the capability to be ambidextrous (use both right and left hands as a preference pretty equally), only a certain number of clubs can be carried, by the rules of the game, so a choice has to be made. And it is usually the choice of how they feel most comfortable when holding the club.

In a world of continuing change and one where commercial requirements drive punters to buy the ‘next best thing’ to improve their game that little sliver more, manufacturers continue to make design changes on both right and left handed golf clubs.

Those changes that develop the technology for right-handers are just as effectively applied when left handed golf clubs are designed and manufactured too.

So, if that’s what you need, feel secure in the understanding that the manufacturer of the next set of left handed golf clubs you buy to suit your left handedness, will have applied just the same technology to yours as the more popular right handed sets they sell as well.

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