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Liver Cleansing Methods

Liver is one of the most powerful organs in the body and plays and important role in neutralizing the toxic wastes in the body. A poor functioning of the liver can kick start numerous ailments. The best possible way to keep liver healthy is through periodical liver cleansing.

First, it is important to understand more about the liver and its functions. Your liver secretes bile and metabolizes protein, fat and carbohydrate. Several substances involved in the clotting of the blood are synthesized by it. Hormonal metabolism and storing of minerals and vitamins are among the numerous functions of liver. Numerous new pollutants in the environment has put extra burden on liver and this extra load often hampers the smooth functioning of it.

Liver cleansing is an important alternative medical treatment to remove the accumulated toxic wastes. In this procedure, certain specific foods are consumed to flush out the toxins and other deposits from liver and gall bladder. The procedure when done properly removes gall stones, crystals and other toxic accumulations that hamper the healing and detoxification ability of the liver.

Spring season is seen as the ideal time to clean your liver. A liver cleansing procedure is also ideal for gall bladder cleansing and thus through the same procedure two organs can be cleaned. Today, there are numerous natural and herbal liver cleansing methods with proven track record.

Herbal teas are one of the important methods of liver cleansing and for best results it is better done during the spring season. In this method, you can brew several different types of herbal tea for consumption. Herbal teas are easily available in most of the health food store due to the rise in demand for natural cleansing beverages.

Another liver cleansing method is the use of a potion made from Epsom salts dissolved in freshly prepared grape juice or apple juice. Next morning, with the bowel movement, stones will be flushed out. On the day of taking the potion, all drug medications should be stopped. A strict diet restriction should also be maintained.

Coffee enema has been used by several alternative medical professionals for clearing the liver of toxic materials.

Other important methods of liver cleansing include liver flush and milk thistle. In a liver flush, a combination of herbal teas, liver flush mixture and light exercise are used. The procedure lasts for two weeks. Milk thistle is an herb available in tablet form. It is an antioxidant and has properties to recuperate the liver. Apart from this, there are numerous other diet recipes. Most of these recipes are created by alternative medical practitioners. Supplements are recommended along with the diet recipes.

Along with improving health of the liver, the liver cleansing methods stimulate bile production and detoxification. Most of the methods have been highly successful in people who followed the strict regimen. However, before trying out any of the liver cleansing methods, you should take the advice of an alternative medical practitioner.

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