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Looking for a zit home remedy? You’re in the right place

Almost 85% of the population spend their teen years dealing with zits, and while acne cannot be cured or prevented, it is 100% treatable. Zits are virtually impossible to avoid, so get your zit home remedy kit ready now!

Mild to moderate acne, referred to as zits, blackheads and pimples is a temporary situation which occurs around the time of puberty, but can extend on up into the 40’s.

Zits are a result of overactive glands which produce oil.

Hormone levels which are out of whack, usually contribute to stimulating the gland, which in turn produces more oil and then clogs, and forms the zit.

If dirt and other toxins get trapped in the pores, this creates a blockage, and a blackhead or a pimple will occur. Though not serious, this irritation could last anywhere from a day to a few weeks.

A zit home remedy is needed, and if left alone it will run its course, it is likely that there will not be serious scarring.

Zit home remedies are the best way to combat and reduce these mild acne attacks.

Here is a list of zit remedies that may be useful to use:

• Keep skin clean of dirt and oil (though outer dirt and oil does not cause zits, you do not want to add to the problem)

• Eat healthy. (Same is true as above. Foods do not cause the acne, but certain foods may aggravate the glands in certain individuals. Eliminate those, such as chocolate.)

• Antibiotics combat the bacteria which cause acne on the skin.

• Bacitracyn is a helpful over-the-counter agent for killing bacteria.

• Keep Vitamin A and E on hand. Both are antioxidants, which will combat free radicals being formed, and Vitamin E is known to reduce and heal scarring when applied to the area.

• Shower after vigorous physical activity to remove sweat and dirt.

• Drink 4 quarts of water daily.

This zit home remedy kit will not eliminate your acne problem, but may help you keep it under control and reduce the outbreaks.

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