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Looking For Great 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas?

A silver anniversary is a big event! Unlike regular anniversaries, a 25th anniversary is a milestone that should be celebrated, and it’s a lovely gesture to help the couple celebrate by giving them a meaningful and unique gift. However, sometimes it’s a little awkward trying to choose a gift for another person’s anniversary, since it’s not something that you do often! So, here are a few great 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas to help you out.

1) 25th Anniversary Plate
If the couple you’re buying a gift for is holding an anniversary party that you plan to attend, one thoughtful idea is to purchase a 25th anniversary plate ‘ silver engraved, of course ‘ and set it up on a small table inside the party venue.

Let other guests know ahead of time that it will be there, and ask them to sign their names on it with a silver pen (that you provide). At the end of the party, present the plate to the celebrating couple as a wonderful keepsake. It’s more versatile than a plain old guest book, since they can display it anywhere in their home!

2) Framed Anniversary Print
This is a great gift for someone who wants to give a gift to the celebrating couple, but simply can’t afford to spend a lot of cash on it. Head to your local craft shop and choose a silver frame and a few sheets of antique-looking 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

Using the date and year of their wedding, do a little research online and collect tidbits of information about top headlines in the year of their wedding, what songs and movies were popular, and even examples of prices from 25 years ago! Type these up and print them on the paper, including the couple’s names and wedding date, and then frame it. It’ll be a unique way for them to look back and reflect not only on their wedding, but also on other areas of life!

3) Fun Caricature Art
You’ll need to be sneaky with this one, but it’ll be worth the reaction! Many websites and even local fairs have caricature artists that can work with a photograph to create unique and entertaining caricature portraits of anyone, and often they’ll add specific details if you request it.

Get ahold of a photo of the couple, and be sneaky in asking them about some of their favorite memories over the past 25 years. Take the photo and information you’ve gathered to one of these artists, and have them draw a really fun caricature of the couple, adding a silly headline about 25 crazy years together to the bottom. Frame the drawing or painting when it’s done, and make sure you have a camera to capture the reaction when your gift is opened!

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