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Low Cholesterol Diet Ideas Don’t Have To Be Bland

People who return from their doctors with news they need to switch over to a low cholesterol diet to prevent heart disease and stroke often fear their culinary lives are over. The truth of the matter is, a low cholesterol diet can be alive with flavor.

When smart meal planning and creative cooking come into play, a diet that’s low in fat can be very high in flavor. It can also be rather fun to create a menu plan and explore different ways of eating that happen to be heart healthy.

In general a diet that is low in cholesterol will contain some staples that are not conducive to eating lunch and dinner out of brown paper sacks. But, the actual meals that can be prepared with items that are naturally low in cholesterol can be fantastic. There’s no reason for a person on a cholesterol sensitive diet to think great meals can’t come their way.

A solid low cholesterol diet will be rich in:

* Low-fat foods. This will mean shifting eating and buying habits a little. Rather than reaching for whole milk, straight butter and even sour cream, healthier options will be necessary. On the upside, low cholesterol alternatives are available and most of them are rather tasty.

* High fiber items. Foods that are rich in fiber tend to be natural cholesterol fighters. Whole grain wheat, whole grain rice, bran and other such foods are wonderful for adding flavor to a meal while also helping to cut down on the bad cholesterol that can plague a body.

* Vegetables. Wonderful, fresh vegetables and fruits are a welcomed part of any low cholesterol diet. Try to use seasonings other than butter to spice up the act, however. Pepper, garlic, paprika and so on are great choices. Salt in an abundance is not. If butter is a must, go with a low-fat alternative.

* Lean meats. A diet that is rich in red meats tends to also be high in cholesterol. Save the red meat for special occasions and make chicken, turkey, fish and even white meat pork the mainstays on the menu. The lower in fat the meats are, they less cholesterol they tend to carry with them.

* Different oils. While deep frying foods might be out, cooking with olive oil and other heart smart products might not be. Check with the doctor or nutritionist for suggestions here.

Paying attention to doctor’s orders and working to stick with a lower cholesterol diet can be one of the smartest choices a person can make. When levels of bad cholesterol are too high and good cholesterol isn’t high enough, the risks for hardening of the arteries, heart disease, heart attack and stroke are greatly increased. Plus, it is quite common for weight issues to also be present. By taking proactive and strong measures, it is possible for people to reduce their risks for problems down the road.

When a low cholesterol diet is recommended, it does not mean an end to a flavorful diet. In fact, when a bit of creativity goes into cooking, the results can be not only healthier, but also better tasting.

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