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Make That Buy!

Nowadays, seeing a guy strolling down malls and scouring boutiques for good finds is already a normal sight. But if you are one who isn’t at all too knowledgeable in this field called shopping, reading on will definitely clue you in and help you avoid making rash decisions. So you better take down notes and sooner or later you will find yourself cozy in retail heaven.


This one word is practically the answer to a lot of questions like “Why exactly are you going shopping?” But who cares about the reason anyway? Sometimes, especially when you get the hang of it, you don’t really need a reason to go shopping. But if in your case you do, stick with it then. Make sure it is appropriate for whatever event. Best bets are long-sleeved button-down polo shirts that are folded up the arms and denim jeans. But if it is a rather formal affair, choose slacks instead.

Personal Style

However trendy, or even cheap a top or polo is, if it doesn’t suit your taste, then its trash. Avoid buying a lot of clothes that will just spend most of their time in your closet than out and about. If you’ve finally found the one that you think is the perfect one, make sure it’s not the clothes that stand out but you.

Snug Fit

Opt for shirts and polo shirts with sleeves that start right on the corners of your shoulder to avoid looking shabby. Proportion is crucial. Make sure it is in proportion to your body to get the most flattering fit. Unless you are an aspiring rapper or hip-hop artist, don’t wear clothes that are too baggy. The point is to be yourself. Don’t dress like a kid if you are in your thirties.

Quality over Quantity

You’d think that you could save by buying clothes in bulk, but come to think of it, are they really worth it? Sure you’ll have tons to wear but hey, cheap items aren’t usually that durable. If you want to get your money’s worth, why don’t you splurge on something that will last for a life time? But the rule of thumb is: if it’s that expensive, sleep on it. If the following days after, you still want it, then you might as well go for it. Just make sure it looks good on you.

Now you are ready for the world of shopping. But before that, here some last few words of advice. Invest in clothes that you are comfortable in and are made of good quality. You should be able to mix and match it with some of your own clothes. Clothes are supposed to be a kind of instrument for self-expression, so make the most out of it. Happy shopping!

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