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Managing Holiday Stress

For some people, the holidays are their absolute favorite time of the year. For others, the holidays are positively dreaded for a range of reasons– including an increase in stress, anxiety|, and even depression.

So exactly what are the best methods of helping yourself, and others around you, to efficiently deal with the holiday blues? Let’s first take a look at simply how the holidays can have an unfavorable effect on so many of us; the following is a brief listing of just some of the most frequently seen symptoms of holiday worry and the holiday blues.

• Feeling overwhelmed
• Depressed
• Irritable
• Fatigued
• Feeling drained emotionally
• Disrupted sleep patterns
• Feeling anxious, uptight, or otherwise on edge

You do not have to dread the holidays; there are terrific techniques of dealing through these complicated couple months so that you can approach them utilizing much healthier coping techniques. Of course, the methods that you apply will definitely differ greatly based upon the underlying reasons for the holiday blues.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that might be contributing factors to the way that the holiday season affects you.

• Too much stress in the workplace
• Feeling pressured to host the perfect holiday events
• Drinking in excess as a method of dealing
• Financial anxiety associated with the expectations so many have of presents, entertaining and travel
• Deviating from our regular routines
• Unresolved issues with family members with whom you have to spend time
• Traveling out of town, out of state, or even out of the country — travel can easily be hugely stressful, particularly when traveling with kids

Fortunately there are numerous things that you can easily do in purchase to decrease the overall tension levels and assist you receive with this once-dreaded season by having a much more desirable attitude and feeling regarding it.

• Try to limit your alcohol consumption; it might help initially to take the edge of off stress and anxiety but it can take a very large physical toll on you when you overindulge.
• You should do the utmost to maintain a healthy diet that is well-balanced.
• Try to keep yourself and your children on as regular a routine as possible; interrupting the routine can leave everyone tired and cranky.
• Be certain that you take a few minutes out of the day to do a couple helpful stress-relief meditations.
• Keeping up with your exercise routines can also be hugely beneficial.
• Try not to put so much pressure on yourself to host the perfect events; do not be afraid to ask for a little bit of assistance.
• Be realistic about just how much time you can easily commit to events, gatherings, and additional holiday festivities– say NO! And turn down some of them if you simply don’t have the time.
• Also be realistic about the finances– if you can not manage to purchase presents for everybody in your family then you should have a discussion with everyone about more reasonable methods of handling the gifts situation. Setting a spending limit can also make a huge difference.

You have the ability to control how you approach the holidays. A bit of careful planning that includes taking a bit of time for yourself to integrate healthy strategies for coping with anxiety, will help you to sail through the holidays with ease. Don’t forget the value of meditation, simplifying and sticking to your exercise regimen.

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