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Mars And Venus Communicate

As they say men are from Mars, women are from Venus. No matter how each loves the opposite sex, misunderstandings and miscommunication happen because of how each gender differently reacts to various situations as well as the difference when it comes to attitude and outlook on certain aspects. Men and women communicate differently and it is of importance that oth meet halfway, compromise, exert efforts to understand each other for relationships to last and remain harmonious. But we have to admit to the fact though that petty fights and quarrels are normal in any relationship.

Women and men are totally different when it comes to receiving praise and compliments. While women enjoy all the attention and the sappy stuff they want to hear from their men, men don’t find these “manly” though they yearn for affection and compliments as well. They would prefer these to be sweet but short.

Women would prefer men to find out and discover what it is they actually want. Men though cannot understand why women suddenly give them the silent treatment without them knowing the exact reason. Women should tell their men outright their reasons for being angry or disappointed or what it is they exactly want instead of keeping them guessing. Men should also understand that women are very emotional beings who want them to be in touch with their emotional side, trying to show that they care and they understand. Women who are angry just need your consolation and your show of remorse.

Women love to talk but they have to understand that there are times when men just want to relish in the silence to clear their minds. When women talk and their men seem not to be listening, they assume that their men don’t give a care or concern. Actually, they do. It is just that there are really times when they want to take a break from women’s chatter. Give them space. If you want to engage in an intimate moment like some sweet talk when in bed, get into some action instead.

Men look at problems in a different matter. While women talk out their problems to their partners and friends to vent out feelings and to receive advice or consolation, men on the other hand don’t wallow in the situation for a while and instead look for options and solutions that could address their concerns.

You can’t expect men to be verbal about their emotions and feelings unlike women. Many may not verbally say “I love you” or “I’m sorry” but they do try to make it up to the women they love in other ways.

The world is such a colorful place for both the Mars’ and Venuses in this world. The key to understanding would always be respect, communication and love.

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