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Massage Therapy for Stress Relief

They say the best at what in life are free. You can give your husband some expensive gifts, but most important are valuable. Personally, I like having a series of gadgets that could play, but a surprise party would certainly be the icing on the cake. In addition, an erotic massage is an opportunity for me and my partner to know better.
This massage is not like I’m talking about your daily treatment. The activities necessary for people with an open mind. So if you’re ready for adventure, here we go. When it comes to eroticism, we want a contact that could strengthen the body’s senses. Also, try to increase the heat or the sexual desire of the person receiving the massage. Since we’re talking about your husband, it really should be in their “hot spots”.
To the world of men, not just the penis. It has a different part of sex that do not realize that he could teach him. And ‘the prostate. No, we need a tool to open this area. In fact, they are adapted to give your husband, the perfect massage. This type of touch therapy literally blow your mind.
The prostate is very sensitive. As the penis, but also have millions of nerve endings. Thus, if the massage, you will feel energized, in a very good course. Just to give you a bit of trivia of the prostate. Its size is that of a chestnut and looks like a walnut. It provides a vital link that makes the sperm. Thus, the release that will be experienced differently in his usual.
The treatment will give your prostate may release alkaline dust it produces. Do not panic if you have a slight increase in its statement. It ‘s also healthy. According to experts, a prostate orgasm is a practice that humans can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Therefore, not only makes her happy, then we have the longest life expectancy.
Turning to the same massage. Maybe he wants a back rub before doing this. Maybe a little, “because if you extend this, he falls asleep. Use it as you play, or a big event, be creative. Make sure your hands are clean, cut fingers, and get a lubricant.
His prostate is between the rectum and bladder. Therefore, access to their anus. Do not worry, the lubricant is your best friend. You can give your partner a little introduction, as this may be new to him, but if both are adventurous, feel free to take a step forward.
Discover what position you feel comfortable. Then, spread a little “of lubricant on your finger. Put your finger in the anus. About two inches away from your anus would be the prostate. If you think the hump, you’re in the right place. Touch or Gently rub in a circular motion. Do this a few minutes and watch the magic happen.

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