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Master Your Emotions With The Four Horsemen

Different people have different personalities. These personalities are often shown in the way people behave or react. People with pleasing personalities are those who act rationally and properly to the very end. It doesn’t mean that they are men pleasers. They may even act contrary to what people expect, yet they are still found to be attractive. They gently yet firmly speak their minds.

Beware of other personalities. They are plain manifestations of reactions, most likely negative ones. These personalities usually exist to please certain men. Let’s look at them and see whether we fall into any of these categories:

1. The Pretenders – People who are all talk but no action are pretenders. They want to be heard agreeing with the majority or with an influential person to get the feeling that they “belong.” They want to have the first and last word, but they don’t want to have anything to do with any action. They hate or fear being contrary to anything. Often, they are not who they say they are.

2. The Procrastinators – If you are all emotions, chances are that you will live on good feelings, but you will have no energy for staying power. You are a good starter, and you usually start on fire. But when hardships come and water down the fiery feeling, you quit and fade out from the picture completely. You ride on the pervading feeling or sentiment, whether pro or against. You want to be the first to shout “yes” and the first to quit.

3. The Robots – People who are “joiners” of other’s crusades just for the attendance are robots. They really do not believe in any cause because they live and behave contrary to the cause they have joined; they just want to be there because everybody’s there. The amazing thing about them is that they can keep doing this until the day they die. Like toy robots, their batteries keep them going…, going…, and going for useless long periods, until their batteries run out. How they can amuse their playful masters!

4. The Zombies – If robots operate to amuse their owners, zombies exist for no purpose at all. It doesn’t matter to them if what they do doesn’t feel good or is harmful to others. They persist on what they are doing because it makes them still alive.

These remind us of the four horsemen of Apocalypse who ride their horses well, look chivalrous, but actually bring trouble. If you happen to see yourself in one of them (or among them), there is still time to change.

Your hope is in empowering your mind to start having a pleasing personality – one that adheres to the right principles your practical mind has decided to live on. To a practical mind, nothing is impossible, as long as it will make you live a better life.

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