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Mastering requires a skillfull engineer

DVD mastering is an art that needs to be performed by a skillful engineer. In fact, a skillful DVD mastering engineer can improve the quality of a film or DVD substantially. We know that this makes all the difference.

DVD mastering services work by increments on the project. It usually takes around 8 to 10 hours to work on a single DVD.

DVD mastering is the process of taking a finished digitized video and creating a DVD disc complete with navigation menus. Other components of this process include compressing the digital video to MPEG2 file format so that the whole video can fit on a DVD. The audio can be processed in a number of ways depending on the audio mix. It can range anywhere from uncompressed linear PCM stereo audio tracks, to 5.1 surround sound. Audio tracks on DVDs may also use Dolby Digital compression in order to fit the audio tracks onto the DVD. DVD mastering takes careful thought and skill to create a fully functional DVD authored disc with easy to navigate menus, and top quality video and audio.

DVD mastering engineers say that mastering requires exceptional technical expertise supported by creativity and artistic intuition. A DVD mastering engineer needs to be able to create a visually interesting DVD menu interface, while at the same time keeping the end user in mind. DVD mastering software can be complex, and a considerable amount of training is required to do professional DVD mastering.

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