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Mind Games – How to Exercise Your Brain

Many people criticize that online video games can lead to an increase in anti social behaviors, including violence, loss of communication skills, and even health issues such as obesity. While these facts in many cases are true, what critics have yet to recognize is the amazing power of video games on the mind. Critics seemingly agree for the most part that online video games can increase hand eye coordination, however what the same critics have yet to recognize is the power these games can have on the brain. This article will address how such games affect the mind, and where you might find some fun brain games.

Online educational games offer players brain training that can help one actually become more intelligent. These games work by testing the cognitive functions of your brain like memory, reasoning, logical decision making, and so forth. Try to visualize yourself spending time working out at your local health club to get your body in shape, playing educational games is like taking your brain to the same gym to get it in shape.

Educational games are often synonymous with words like boring, un-cool, and primitive. The truth is that educational games can be as much fun as any other game, often times they can be more fun because of the rewarding nature of educational games. Think back to that game of trivia you played with friends several years ago, do you remember how good it felt to get those answers correct? That’s the type of feeling one can get from playing an educational game. The more people play these games the greater their confidence becomes within themselves. With greater confidence people will have a better chance of succeeding at whatever they put their mind towards achieving.

The best place to play educational video games for free is on the internet. The internet has provided a platform for educational learning like none before. Educational games have become more sophisticated to cater towards users interests. One obvious interest for users is learning skills they can use in the workplace. One example of where this is occurring is in the dental management field.

After you play a few rounds on the website, ask yourself if you’ve learned anything new, you’ll be surprised by the answer.

Written by Cathy Warschaw, Director of www.WarschawLearningInstitute and providing management training online for the health field.
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