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Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgery: The Quickest Way Of Look And Feel Your Best At Any Age

A few weeks ago, I went to receive a person whom I used to know in my childhood. I had expected an aged gentleman, but instead I bumped upon a quite handsome man who has a youthful air in his persona as well as appearance rare for his age. To see the surprise in my eyes, he confided about his secret—minimally invasive cosmetic procedure.

He preferred this approach over the traditional invasive techniques apparently because of his horror of going under the knife. But there are many more reasons, why nearly ten millions of Americans have so far opted for less invasive cosmetic procedures to get rid of the mark of aging or other flaws in their appearance. Before getting into details of many advantages of minimally invasive approach, let us explain in brief what is actually meant by minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.

Looking gorgeous even at the age of fifty—-the dream seems to be too intriguing, and it is not impossible either in the face of huge advancement in the field of cosmetic science. But lots of people just can not avail the opportunity due to their phobia about surgery or simply they can not spare the time for recovery.
But with minimally invasive cosmetic procedures coming into the scene, the world of cosmetic surgery has been revolutionized. The procedure is characterized by four features: no or minimum cutting, no or very little open surgery, minimum risk and immediate effect. To top them all, the cost is also far lower.

In general, the five most popular minimally invasive procedures include Botox injections, chemical peel, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, and collagen injections. Again among them, injectable filler procedures such as Botox, variety of dermal fillers Sculptra are most popular. These are mainly applied where aging is the result of loss of fat and where skin damage is more the function of sun exposure and life style factors, the process of microdermabrasion is the preferred minimally invasive procedure.

In general, minimally invasive surgeries are characterized by minimal blood loss and quicker recovery, with no trace of scar. So far as minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are concerned, they come with the advantages of very quick downtime with immediate or very fast result, low cost with the absence of any scar mark left after the surgery. In this fast paced world, men and women seems to have very little time for such things as going for an appearance rejuvenation, waiting for its results and spending times indoor for recovering from the procedures. However, minimally invasive techniques are the quick fix solution for this problem. It is not without reason that they are sometimes called ‘lunchtime’ procedures as they let you take the treatment in the lunchtime and then attend the important engagement following it.

With the increase in the number of patients opting for minimally invasive procedures, it is said, the days are not far when, these procedures will become the part of normal lifestyle routine and as common as going through a face massage session in your local saloon.

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