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Modern Day Marketing Tactics

Throughout the last decade a number of developments in technology have changed nearly all part of business operations. The proliferation of mobile devices both within the business sector and inside the private sector has played a sizeable part in such advancements. Rather than being tied to the office to be able to access items along the lines of email, people are able to access work related documents from nearly everywhere resulting from mobile devices.

With smart phones becoming more and more widely used, individuals nowadays are in consistent communication with each other. The aforementioned point has notably poignant implications for business marketing and modern businesses would be wise to capitalise on this fact. SMS marketing, social network marketing and barcode marketing are a few methods that businesses could accomplish this..

SMS marketing – international reach

As of 2011, it’s believed that throughout the world there are 5.6 billion mobile phone users. This offers an particularly large target audience for business marketing through the use of SMS marketing. This technique of marketing has the ability to get to almost every person located in the developed world and an increasing number of people in other regions of the world.

SMS marketing usually is categorized into two all inclusive different categories: SMS marketing surveys and direct promotion. Surveys are a means for a business to carry out market research whilst indirectly highlighting the business, whereas direct promotion by way of SMS marketing will allow businesses to send people offers and adverts.

Social network marketing is massive, and only progressing even more

By the beginning of 2012 it’s believed that 845 million people all around the planet benefit from Facebook. Social networking continues to spread each and every day, and Facebook is not the only website accessible to users.

Social media provides superb benefits for individuals interested in a chosen business, like keeping up with the companies latest news and advertisements. Marketing by way of social networks, rather than SMS marketing, is far less intrusive on individuals but it’s likewise more passive..

Barcode marketing – a step ahead

One of the most recent kinds of business marketing to be utilised by businesses around the globe is barcode marketing through use of QR codes. These codes are oftentimes presented on marketing materials and can be scanned using a smart phone. Once scanned, the code links the user to things connected such as a product, promotion or the company’s web site.

The unique factor of barcode marketing sets it aside from both social network marketing and SMS marketing. QR codes deliver a clear, modern brand image for any company and additionally allowing the business to promote a specific product or service and give the user with further information.

Making use of these new marketing techniques is going to be a must for any business that wants to remain competitive in the twenty-first century. A business that ensures it stays applicable to the ever adjusting modern day target market will need to embrace these new marketing techniques of SMS marketing, social network marketing and barcode marking or they may lose out on a large amount of of possible customers.

A business may use a number of marketing techniques if they want to reach a variety of people or could select a certain tactic like SMS marketing for a proactive approach or barcode marketing for a more passive approach.

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