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Morning running is the reason of tiredness during the day: how to avoid that?

Ever wondered why you feel drained out all day? While there could be a zillion reasons for it, the most common one is intense running. Most fitness enthusiasts prefer to start their day with a run, which is healthy but only when done right. Else, that could leave you feeling unenergetic, and mess up the rest of your day.

If you were under the assumption that running requires just a pair of shoes and your running gear, then you are sadly mistaken. Running requires a more scientific approach, else it could do more harm than good. There are ways to ensure that you enjoy a good run, and remain energetic for the rest of the day. Let us now discuss some of the best ways in which you can achieve this.

1. Get enough Sleep

Sleep helps repair the body and you need to get enough of it, especially when your routine includes intense workouts or running. The whole process of running tires down your muscles so the first and foremost thing to do is to get some extra sleep, and if that helps then the problem is taken care of.

2. Hydrate yourself

Before you hop into your running gear, make sure that you are adequately hydrated. Experts recommend grabbing a refreshing drink before running. Try squeezing a lemon into a glass of water, with some Himalayan sea salt to prevent adrenal fatigue. While lemon is rich with antioxidants, Himalayan sea salt contains over 70 minerals, which energizes your body and helps deal with the bodily stress.

3. Grab a bite

There is a difference of opinion among Experts when it comes to whether or not you should eat before you run. In our opinion, the answer depends upon two factors — how long you run and your goal. You should know that running on an empty stomach could lead to loss of muscle mass. This is why you must consider grabbing a bite before you run. Even a handful of raisins or a protein bar would do, because then you burn fat, not your muscle mass.

4. Stretch yourself

If you frequent the gym or are involved in any form of fitness activity such as Swimming or Aerobics, then you probably know the importance of warming-up. Well, the same goes for Running because quite a few muscles in the body are going to feel that tension. So, it is highly recommended that you stretch for at least 5 to 10 minutes before Running.

5. Get rid of the FitBit

While tracking your progress is a good thing, you need to make sure that it doesn’t stress you out. Most people are hooked on to their fitness devices and are stressed out about achieving a certain “goal”. If you are one of those, then just take a deep breath and relax, and enjoy the wind blowing into your face and the other gifts of nature, while you run. This sort of relaxation can do wonders and keep you energetic all day.

6. Avoid Caffeine

Although caffeinated energy drinks can make you feel on top of the world instantly, remember that the feeling lasts only for a short duration. That’s because caffeine enters your bloodstream, and stimulates the mind and body in less than fifteen minutes of consuming it. However, when the effect wears down, you are likely to feel much more tired and unenergetic. Also, caffeinated drinks can cause serious health issues such as palpitations, convulsions and sometimes even death.

Running is an incredibly simple exercise, that helps maintain weight, burns excess fat, and tones up the muscles. It also promotes cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, and helps improve your overall health. The best part is that it’s economic and can be done with just a pair of shoes.

However, you need to do it the right way, else it could leave you feeling drained out for the rest of the day. That matters a lot because unless you are a professional athlete, you need to go to work and attend to all the regular chores, besides running.